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Search for the perfect place

Rooms come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you find the room that meets your requirements

How does it work?

First, you need to search for the city where you want to stay. You will see a map of the city and a list of available accommodations. If there are too many results, make sure to narrow down your search results by applying some of our filters – in this way you will only get the results that matter to you.

What filters can I apply?

Housing Anywhere offers multiple ways to filter your search results. You can filter on your move in and move out date to make sure the rooms you’re looking at are available. Next to that you can filter on room type (Apartment / Studio / Room) and on price. Finally, you can filter your results by zooming in on a specific part of the map: we will only show the rooms that are available on the visible part of the map.

Start a conversation

Booking a place for a longer period is all about trust and should be personal. What is more personal than directly reaching out to the advertiser?

What should I include in my message?

You would like to get to know the person you’re renting from, and the advertiser wants to get to know you too. Introduce yourself by telling a bit about yourself: what age are you, where are you from, why are you looking for a place to stay?

To how many advertisers should I reach out?

In order to come to a booking you have to agree about the booking period, the rent and there should be a match with the advertiser. For this reason, we advise to reach out to at least 5 rooms at the same time - this way you will make sure to get that perfect place to stay.

How does the communication with the advertiser work?

Once you have sent out your first messages, you can find your conversation(s) in your dashboard. From here you are able to respond to new messages and to request the final booking. Next to the messages in your dashboard, you will receive email notifications about new messages – to which you can simply reply to by email.

Book the room you want

Once you have talked to some advertisers and you have decided to rent a room, all that’s left is booking that place and secure your stay!

How can I book a place?

You can book a room in multiple ways. After starting a conversation, you can either request to book the room you like – or you can accept the advertiser’s invitation to book a room. In order to request a booking, we need your payment details. Your payment method will only be charged if the advertiser agrees to rent out the room to you. If you send out multiple booking requests, we make sure you won’t be charged double if two advertisers confirm your booking – no worries about that.

What is the advantage of booking with Housing Anywhere?

When you book with Housing Anywhere, you will have the guarantee to move in to the exact place you booked. We only transfer the rent to the advertiser once you have moved in, to make sure everything worked out completely. Next to that, all the advertisers on our platform are verified.

What will I transfer to Housing Anywhere once I book?

A booking via Housing Anywhere always includes the first month’s rent and the booking fee. The booking fee comprises 25% (limited to €250 or other currency equivalent) of the first month’s rent and is charged once for using our platform. Potential deposits need to be agreed on with the advertiser. If you book for multiple months, the rent for the remaining months should also be agreed on with the advertiser.

We are international!

No matter where you want to list a place or whatever your final destination is there is a high chance that our platform is already present there. Housing Anywhere is a truly international and global platform that's easy to work with.

We provide a highly trusted service.

Should we say again we take safety seriously? We know something may happen, but you should not worry about not having received your money even if someone cancels a booking. When you list your place with Housing Anywhere we are there to care to make your booking process flawless and secure.

No intermediaries!

Housing anywhere is not your regular local booking service without a face. We are community driven. Every user on our platform, be it a landlord or student looking for a place, goes through a screening and approval process. We know whom we introduce you to.

Book your place now!

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