Universities in Valencia

Universidad Católica de Valencia "San Vicente Mártir"

The luxurious private university Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir currently offers only one programme in English, its Master of Dentistry course. Otherwise, if you have a proficient Spanish level you should be able to study any of its other programmes, which include Medicine, Law and Physiotherapy. It’s located in the very heart of the city, so you’ll never get lost trying to find your way to class!

Universidad de Valencia

The University of Valencia is a little over 500 years old, so it’s a completely different experience from attending the polytechnic. Most of its classes are in Spanish, though much to the chagrin of many proud Valencians; the university has promised to introduce more classes in Valencian, the local dialect. Don’t worry though, some classes are also available in English, though probably not an entire exchange programme’s worth!

The number of different degrees offered by the university is staggering, and includes Engineering, Health Sciences, many social and legal sciences and a whole lot more. Unless you have a very, very niche degree programme, I’d imagine you won’t struggle to find an equivalent course out here! The main buildings for UV are also beach side, so you can always escape there when the pressure is too much ;)

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Valencia’s Polytechnic University has 14 different schools, some of which are over a hundred years old. The 38,000 students who are taught here every year can choose from a near-overwhelming range of Bachelor's degrees, including Computer Science, Architecture, Engineering and even the Fine Arts. There are also loads of postgraduate degrees, including both Master’s and Doctorate-level courses, so you can come here at any stage in your academic career.

The main campus is located to the east of the city, aka the beach side. You wouldn’t be the first student to open their revision material, glance outside and then be on the sand within minutes! Universidad Politécnica de Valencia is also very welcoming to international students, so even if you don’t speak Spanish yet, you should consider applying.

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