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Valencia has a booming economy and plenty of job opportunities. Besides these, the city’s internationality, weather, and low cost of living are some reasons why students pick Valencia for their internship. But how do you land an internship in Valencia? Which sectors and companies offer internships for English-speaking students? Find out below.

Prominent industries in Valencia

Valencia has the third-strongest economy in Spain, thanks to some core industries which create job opportunities.

Valencia has one of the busiest ports on the Mediterranean Sea, responsible for 20% of Spain’s imports. This has helped develop strong agricultural, manufacturing, trading and shipping industries.

To keep up with the other in-demand industries, Valencia has developed a strong engineering industry. You can find internships specifically focused on mechanical, industrial, and civil engineering.

The tourism and hospitality sectors are also great for English-speaking interns. There’re lots of hotels and tourist attractions that require an English-speaking staff. This sector contributes roughly €3.6 million to its economy, with over 30,000 people working in the field.

Other prominent industries include shoe and leather, textile, furniture, toys, and automotive. These industries offer plenty of internships in fields such as business, marketing, finance, and HR.

Teaching English in Valencia is also another wonderful internship opportunity as many schools look for tutors for their summer English programs.

Top companies for internships in Valencia

Here’re some of the best companies in Valencia that offer internships for English-speaking students.

  1. HelloPrint
  2. Yobblers
  3. Spain Internship
  4. IES Consulting
  5. UN Global Service Center
  6. Brainnest
  7. UniProf
  8. HP
  9. Phillips
  10. SUEZ

How to apply for an internship in Valencia

  1. Look for internships online via job search sites, social media, or company websites.
  2. Highlight how your skills and accomplishments make you perfect for this internship in your CV and cover letter.
  3. Prepare for the interview by having examples that match the job description.
  4. Have all the required documents ready to do an internship.

Requirements to intern in Valencia as a foreign student

To intern in Valencia, you’ll need to have a few documents ready. 1. A valid passport and Spanish student visa or residence authorisation for an internship if you’re a non-European student. 2. Valid health insurance. 3. A signed internship learning agreement for a study internship. Or an internship contract for a graduate or paid internship. 4. An NIE number and social security number for a paid internship. Or proof of funds for an unpaid internship.

How much will you earn as an intern in Valencia?

More often than not, the internships that you will find are unpaid. It’s very difficult to find a paying internship, so most interns choose to do one during their summer break.

On the more positive side, the cost of living in Valencia is lower than the country’s average. You should expect a cost of living of around €657 without rent.

Depending on the Valencian neighbourhood you choose, you should expect an average cost of accommodation between €350 for a private room and €605 for a studio. So you can live comfortably with around €1,000-€1,200.

Now that you have all the information you need, you’re ready to apply for your dream internship in Valencia and have the experience of your lifetime.

How long are internships in Valencia?

There's no fixed term for internships in Spain. But the city's quite seasonal, so companies try to align their open positions with university schedules and busy seasons like summer. Your best shot is to look for a summer internship which will be between 3 and 5 months.

Do I need Spanish to intern in Valencia?

Compared to internship opportunities in Madrid and Barcelona, the English-speaking positions offered in Valencia are lower (except for those teaching English). While you can find positions which look for English speakers, most companies in Valencia will require some level of Spanish. You will have higher luck finding an internship in the city and feel more settled living there if you learn Spanish.

The city is bilingual, as Valencian and Spanish are the official languages.

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