Kickstart your Career in Spain: Best Companies for your Internship


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There are many reasons to look for an internship in Spain, whether it’s part of your degree or you just want to take that next step into a full-time career.

While Spain offers plenty of opportunities, you’ll find a good majority of them in Madrid and Barcelona, especially when you’re an expat looking for an internship. However, finding an internship can feel a little overwhelming to a young international, so this guide will provide an excellent starting point!

Scoring a Top-Notch Internship in Spain

Before you even start looking for a work placement, the main thing to keep in mind is that this could really be your stepping stone! From a kickstart to your career to permanent employment and the professional network that goes along with it, the benefits of an internship are endless.

Some things just can’t be learned effectively in a classroom. You’ll need a little real-world experience to go along with that lecture or team-based project. Additionally, you can expand your network and make connections that could come in handy for decades.

Any good checklist for moving abroad will include all of the ins and outs of preparing for your relocation, but you’ll also need to know exactly how to get started when it comes to finding a rock-star placement.

So, if you want a little bit of an edge, let’s look at the top opportunities in two of Spain’s meccas for internships abroad.

Internships in magnificent Madrid

Moving to Madrid is definitely an exciting option for finding an internship. This stunning city is filled with inspiring architecture, bustling, fast-moving culture and a host of opportunistic ventures. Madrid is especially known as a mecca for business management, marketing, finance, medicine, hospitality and fashion. If any of those are right up your alley, then you’re about to land in the right zone!

And if the prospect of diverse neighborhoods in Madrid is a plus, then you’re on a roll. Furthermore, the public transportation system is simply stellar, so you’ll find your commute quick, inexpensive and on time.

Here are five options to explore:

  1. Amazon - This international powerhouse can offer all sorts of learning possibilities, including internships in product fulfillment, customer service and business management.

  2. Airbus - Known the world over for its tight grip on aeronautics and space, it’s also an excellent place to gain some real-world experience in the financial field.

  3. TripAdvisor - If you’re hoping to jump into the world of hospitality, this name on your CV can definitely give you a leg up, whether you focus on content writing, marketing or just want to learn more about hotels, restaurants and attractions.

  4. Procter & Gamble - An international leader and a household name, an internship at P&G can supply you with the business experience that you need, as well as brand recognition and product mentorship.

  5. Morgan Stanley - Whether your focus is finance, marketing or customer service, this recognizable name offers very competitive internships that can even lead to future in-house positions for the right candidates.

Work placements in beach-Filled Barcelona

If you love even the thought of sunny weather and the gorgeous coastline along the Mediterranean, then relocating to Barcelona should be at the top of your list for internships abroad. Moreover, it is one of the top economic and financial centers in Spain, so it’s just perfect for students interested in these fields, along with technological and international global careers.

Barcelona’s neighborhoods are also some of the favorites in the entire country, with many areas filled with young expats and also offering easy connections from one side of the city to the next.

Check out these five possibilities for traineeship openings:

  1. SAP - A global software leader, internships are offered for those with technical, customer service and business operations backgrounds.

  2. Swarovski - This elite crystal jewelry company offers unparalleled experience in the field of design, as well as business, marketing and sales.

  3. Ferrero - The parent company for brands like Tic Tac, Nutella and more, interns can obtain well-applied experience in business and product branding.

  4. Merkle - For anyone interested in business, commerce and finance, this could be the perfect internship for students who are eager to learn from the best in the industry. It won’t look too shabby on a CV, either.

  5. HP - Hewlett Packard is one of the top computer and software companies on the planet, and the right candidates can gain on-the-ground experience in customer research, market analysis and business administration.

What type of Internship will best suit your needs?

With so many career-boosting internships available in Spain, you’re also going to need to know the difference between the types of internships and the companies that offer them.

There are both paid and unpaid internships, so you’ll want to keep that in mind when you’re looking at the cost of living. If your internship is unpaid, you will need to be sure to plan financially before you go.

There are two primary types of internships:

Young Startups

Startups offer a fast-paced, innovative culture, typically with flexible hours and even the possibility of remote work. Here, you’ll likely learn a variety of different skills, rather than be centered on just one role in the company. Future employers will see your willingness to learn how to master multiple tasks, which can be quite positive during the hiring process.

Global Corporations

If you want to really do a little name-dropping during an interview or on your CV, interning with an international business may be the way to go for you. Things may be a bit more competitive, but you’ll typically be assigned to one department, where you will learn extremely specialized skills, which will make you an impressive find for a company looking for someone with real-world experience in that area.

So... should I intern in Spain?

A placement abroad in Spain will change your life forever, especially in cultural locales like Madrid and Barcelona, which are both teeming with young internationals like yourself. In fact, over 12% of Spain’s population is made up of expats, so you’ll find yourself in good company.

Finding an internship is important for your future, so find appropriate housing, research your options and make a well-educated decision. Spain and all of its wonders await!

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