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Rotterdam is a tough place to find accommodation. Working with EUR and private landlords, HousingAnywhere guarantees rooms for incoming students to make their move more simple.


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Updated on 4 May 2020

Guaranteed rooms for partner university students

Short lines, quick responses and a hands-on approach by the HousingAnywhere staff made the cooperation very positive for us - Erasmus University Rotterdam


Finding student accommodation in Rotterdam is becoming increasingly difficult. HousingAnywhere has been working with Erasmus University Rotterdam to help incoming students find a room in this competitive housing market since we were little more than a student side project back in 2009. In 2017, the University challenged Housing Anywhere to come up with something new: a partnership that guarantees their students rooms in Rotterdam.

The reuslt? Challenge accepted and mission accomplished! Only a couple of weeks into the guaranteed placement project, more than 50 students moving to Rotterdam had found their new home. The project was so successful that the University decided to deepen the collaboration and reserve 500 rooms in Rotterdam for their incoming students.

What the University says:

The idea of secured rooms is very interesting for us as a university. It allowed us to guarantee students a room, outside of our normal on-campus student accommodation offer.

We experienced working together with HousingAnywhere as a welcome service for our students. Short lines, quick responses and a hands-on approach by their staff all made the cooperation very positive for us. We knew who our contact-persons were and even during their own holidays they were still available for assistance.

What students say:

Megan from USA, incoming student to Erasmus University Rotterdam

“I felt very lucky when the university informed me that I could get a guaranteed room through HousingAnywhere. The guys from the team were very helpful and secured me a good place close to the university. Who knows where I would otherwise have ended up living, as I started looking way too late!”

Violette from France, incoming student of Erasmus University Rotterdam

“I received frequent updates from HousingAnywhere about the available rooms. They guided me through the entire process of booking the room and even afterwards answered questions I had about registration at the City Hall. Great service!”

What landlords say:

Roos, landlord in Rotterdam

“I would normally not keep my empty rooms reserved, but in this case it was different. The fact that HousingAnywhere approached me to participate in this project with Erasmus University Rotterdam was a guarantee for me that I would find reliable tenants for my rooms. I was happy I did not have to select and screen tenants myself, but HousingAnywhere found me a suitable candidate”.

Guaranteed rooms your students

Partner with HousingAnywhere to ensure all your incoming and outgoing students have VIP access to all rooms on HousingAnywhere. We'll build a unique sign-up page for your students - check out an example and see how easy it will be for your students to find their home abroad!

For more information or to arrange a meeting, email us at uni@housinganywhere.com today.

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