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Erasmus University Rotterdam
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  • Founded in 1913

  • 28, 011 students

  • 5,385 international students

  • 2,734 staff members

  • 29 International Degree Programmes

  • Has partnered with Housing Anywhere since 2009

General Information

Existing in its current form since 1973, Erasmus University Rotterdam, also known as EUR, boasts a good number of very well-known alumni. These famous students include Frederique van der Wal, a beautiful supermodel, and Jan Tinbergen, the winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. EUR also welcomes in a large number of international students at 20 percent of their enrollment totals. In fact, there are 5,385 international students out of their total of 28,011 students.

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Campus facilities

Erasmus University is a large, popular university with a truly exciting campus. Currently undergoing a major renovation, the construction is in its final stages before completion. The campus now sports a theater, which is home to several events throughout the year, including seminars, workshops and parties.

There’s also Paviljoen, a delicious restaurant serving pasta, burgers, salads and pizza at inexpensive prices. Plus if you’re hoping to rub elbows with recruiters or company executives, they tend to gather here for a drink or a meal after a visit to the university. Located in the Hatha Building, there’s also a lively bar called "the Smitse". This is an extremely popular place for social drinking and impromptu meetings. Students can also find 1.20 beer specials!

If you’re looking for a variety of dining options, the campus also has a food court with independent chains and other popular favorites. You can get your caffeine fix at Starbucks, or you can have a tasty lunch at New Fork, HAS or Satebar. You can also visit Spar to shop for groceries or other essentials.

The temporary library is currently housed in the Polak building, which is next to the food court. There is plenty of space for group projects on the first and second floors, while students can get in a few hours of quiet study on the third or fourth floors.

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If students need to get in some exercise or unwind after a long day of classes, the university also offers tennis courts and a sports building. Find some time for a workout at the gym, or pop into a group class like Yoga, Steps or BodyPump. Plus, you can join one of the many sports clubs that are offered. However, be sure to purchase your Erasmus sports card, whether it be a day pass or a card to last the entire year.

While you’re getting familiar, be sure to remember that EUR has only one campus, but there are two main buildings. There is one for the Erasmus University College and one for the Erasmus Medical Center for those students who are studying in the medical field.

You will love biking through this wonderful city. But get your bike stolen to become a real Dutchie.


Campus Woudestein

EUR is known and respected the world over for its comprehensive business and economics courses. It is one of the largest faculties is the Rotterdam School of Management. In fact, the International Business Administration program is very popular, with over 60% of incoming international students choosing to apply

The International Bachelor in Communication course, also known as the IBCOM, is also a favorite of international students. Other international students make up a large portion of those enrolled in the School of Economics, choosing the course for International Bachelor of Economics and Business Economics.

You can learn more about additional programmes that are offered here.

How to get there

There is an excellent tram system, and it offers the easiest and quickest route to the university. When exiting at the Woudenstein Station, it’s just a five-minute walk to the campus. From Central Station, taking tram 21 or 24 will take you right to the university as well.

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Medical faculty

Located at at Dijkzigt in the western part of the city, the university’s medical faculty welcomes many international students every year. As that it is also located close to the Erasmus MC Hospital, it is in the best locale for its medical students. On campus, there is also a medical library and a Skills and Simulation Center, which offers students real-world training in the medical field.

The medical faculty only offers courses that are related to medicine.

How to get there

The medical campus is very easy to find, with many transportation options. If you take the Metro, the Dijkzigt Station (for Metro lines A, B and C) is located directly in front of the medical building. If you are arriving by train, you can exit at the Schiedam Centrum and take Metro lines A, B or C, exiting at the Dijkzigt Station.

International dimension

Erasmus University is known for its large international population, making it very popular for global programmes. What’s more, the percentage of international students at EUR continues to rise. This year alone, 13% more international students chose to study at Erasmus, with 5,385 students, compared to 4,730 last year.

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University Accommodation

Student neighborhoods

Rotterdam has very quickly become a hip, trendy city, making it a hub for young professionals around the city’s center and its outer lying areas. Many students at Erasmus choose to call Kralingen or the Esch their "home away from home".

Kralingen is a fun, bustling area where students can live in private, independent houses. Most of this housing is in large, antique homes that offer private bedrooms and a shared bathroom and living spaces. Stadswonen owns three large student buildings that are available for room rentals: Struisenburgdwarsstraat in Kralingen, the Hoge Wiek at Oostplein and the Esch in the neighborhood of the same name.

Common housing practices

Due to its popularity, Rotterdam can be a very difficult place to locate housing. To make matters even harder, it can also be a task to find housing in the right location, at the right budget and with the best amenities. Plus, the best housing options rent out quickly, so you have to be ready to sign a lease quickly. Click here to let Housing Anywhere help you find your new place. And for now, here are a few useful tips to make your housing hunt a little easier.

  • Begin to look early! If you’re hoping for a place in Kralingen or the bustling city center, make sure you have plenty of time to look for hard-to-find housing on a budget.

  • If you want to live close to the city center or in popular areas like Kralingen, expect slightly higher prices. Rooms in these areas typically rent out at 500-600 euros, and apartments can be 1500 euros.

  • The western and southern areas of Rotterdam can be overlooked, but they offer more budget-friendly prices. You can learn more from our student ambassador, Caleb, about finding housing and living in southern Rotterdam.

  • Be sure to check out our website on a regular basis. Rooms can rent out very quickly, often even the same day that they are posted, especially in the best areas. It’s important to act quickly, as that housing that has everything that you’re looking for might not pop up again anytime soon.

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In Rotterdam, international students will find many different types of accommodation to choose from, including dorms, rooms in private housing and spacious apartments. Take a look and explore all student accommodations in Rotterdam.

If you’re an international student and you’d like a bit of freedom from campus life and its restrictions, an apartment might be a good option. Apartments in Rotterdam offer plenty of amenities like equipped kitchens, where you can cook your own meals, and full bathrooms. They are also generally furnished in the typical Rotterdam style. Apartments may also offer a choice between single or double rooms. The students must clean and maintain their own apartments.

If you are definitely looking forward to meeting other international students, there is also the option of student housing in residences. These residences can come in a variety of sizes, depending on their location and pricing. Expect a house-like environment, with private or double rooms, along with shared bathrooms, a kitchen and a living space. This offers a unique way to mingle with other students and practice up on your language and communication skills. If you have any questions or experience any problems, there will be a contact that you can reach out to at any time.

The cost of monthly rent in the Netherlands:

  • For a two-bedroom apartment, expect EUR 600–1,200.

  • Rent should stay the same, unless it increases yearly with inflation.

  • The deposit is usually equal to two months' rent.

  • Furnishings may include light fixtures, carpeting and kitchen appliances.

  • Utilities are not always included in the rent, so be sure to take that into consideration when budgeting your monthly expenses.

Student associations

Student associations are great ways for students to stay involved in university activities, as well as to meet other students. Plus, one of the main goals of a student association is to allow new and established students to get to know one another and maybe even set up an arrangement for mentoring. Therefore, the association may set up and organize parties and get-togethers to encourage group activities, especially with international students. These associations may also be a great way to meet others in your intended field of study.

There are also sport associations that allow students the opportunity to take part in their favorite single or group sporting activities. One of the main reasons for this is to encourage mingling between students in a group environment. Plus, if you are an avid sports enthusiast, this is the cheapest way to participate.

Associations like ESN and ISR help promote social and cultural events for international students. You can check out ESN Rotterdam events here.

Aiesec can assist students with internships or volunteering while studying abroad. The Chinese Student Association Erasmus University Rotterdam offers special activities to Chinese students, even though all nationalities are welcome to join. You can see some of their events here. Also be sure to learn more about the Association for Real Estate Studies, the Erasmus Volley Association, the Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship and the European Federation of Psychology Students’ Associations.

While you’re in Rotterdam, don’t just stick to student events. Get out and explore the culture and the attractions in this fascinating city. Be sure to learn more in our Rotterdam City Guide.

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