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Results for students in less than 48 hours

HousingAnywhere seems progressive and dedicated to helping students find accommodation in a secure and easy way - University of Iceland


Everybody knows finding a room in Reykjavik is a tough challenge. To improve this situation, the University of Iceland decided to give HousingAnywhere a try and we started working together in June 2017.

Just 24 hours after HousingAnywhere launched in Reykjavik, local landlords were listing rooms were listed on the platform. Just a day or two later, they were already booked by incoming students. Since then, we've helped hundreds of students who are moving to Iceland to find and secure accommodation in advance from the comfort of their home.

All University of Iceland students are entitled to VIP access to rooms on HousingAnywhere, making them 7x more likely to be accepted by landlords.

What the University says:

Laura Nelli, Director of International Promotion Unit of University of Pisa

“The rental market in Reykjavik has been very challenging in recent years and international students have been facing problems finding housing. The University of Iceland decided to collaborate with HousingAnywhere with the aim of increasing the supply of housing for students, both incoming and outgoing. Many of our partner schools are working with HousingAnywhere and they seem progressive and dedicated in helping students find accommodation in a secure and easy way."

What students say:

Linea from Germany, incoming student to University of Iceland

“I appreciated the support from the Housing Anywhere team a lot. They were patient and supportive even if the competition for rooms is very high in Reykjavik. Also, I liked the security of the booking process giving me peace of mind that I will be able to move into a good room once my time in Iceland begins”.

Sven Anton from Estionia, incoming student to University of Iceland

“I was very happy with the support I got from the HousingAnywhere team. They guided me through the process and helped me find a room quickly in what is known to be very challenging housing market. I don't know how i would have found a place so soon without their support."

What landlords say

Lara, landlord in Reykjavik

“I heard about HousingAnywhere from the University of Iceland and decided to try it out. A few days after listing my rooms with them, I had several students wanting to book and I selected two of those who were coming to study at the university. I was extremely happy with the service and its security. The arrangements were clear and simply effective and the team was a pleasure to work with. Totally recommended!”

We can help your students find accommodation fast

Partner with HousingAnywhere to ensure all your incoming and outgoing students have VIP access to all rooms on HousingAnywhere. We'll build a unique sign-up page for your students - check out an example and see how easy it will be for your students to find their home abroad!

For more information or to arrange a meeting, email us at uni@housinganywhere.com today.

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