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Updated on May 23 • 1 minute read

A service to rely on

It's reassuring for our students to know a safe and dependable online service when searching for accommodation - Università degli Studi di Pisa


Every year hundreds of international students struggle to find accommodation in Pisa, a small city where the market is mainly focused on local students. Working with the University of Pisa, HousingAnywhere helped modernise the private rental market, making it more accessible for internationals. The platform provides the landlords with a user-friendly system to manage their rooms, while giving the University a reliable and safe booking option to recommend to their students.

All University of Pisa students are entitled to VIP access to rooms on HousingAnywhere, making them 7x more likely to be accepted by landlords.

What the University says:

Laura Nelli, Director of International Promotion Unit of University of Pisa

“We have collaborated with HousingAnywhere since 2013 and we find that it is very useful both for our incoming international students, and for our students going abroad to study. We rely on this service for our students because it is reassuring for them to know a safe and dependable online service when searching for accommodation”.

What students say:

Karl from Austria, incoming student to the University of Pisa

“This website offers a really good service: they helped me when I was searching for a room and I never felt alone”.

Marie from Norway, incoming to University of Pisa

“I am going to study in Pisa from September until December, and two of my classmates and I have booked a room on HousingAnywhere. I am very happy to hear that the university is working with Housing Anywhere and is making such an effort to make sure our stay will be good.

What landlords say:

Olivia, landlord in Pisa

“I found HousingAnywhere when looking for a website to rent out my rooms. I have been using it for 6 months and I love it. First of all, I don’t need to organize viewings and listing a room is self-explanatory; I can chat with students on the platform and easily reach an agreement.

Secondly, I like the idea of creating an international environment in the flat. The staff at Housing Anywhere are very responsive and helpful. It's nice to know I can count on them."

Partner with the most reliable accommodation service for your students

Partner with HousingAnywhere to ensure all your incoming and outgoing students have VIP access to all rooms on HousingAnywhere. We'll build a unique sign-up page for your students - check out an example and see how easy it will be for your students to find their home abroad!

For more information or to arrange a meeting, email us at uni@housinganywhere.com today.

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