HousingAnywhere increases the supply of accommodation for your international students

HousingAnywhere offers a wide variety of accommodation on one secure platform. Additionally, outgoing students can safely rent out their rooms to incoming students while they are abroad: they save up money for their studies abroad, keep their room upon return, and avoid double rent costs.

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Incoming students need for accommodation. All they have to do is search for the city your university is located in, start chatting with the advertisers of rooms and come to an agreement on HousingAnywhere. These advertisers can be your outgoing students or trusted landlords of HousingAnywhere. The secure booking service guarantees that students book a place safely.

Find a room

Browse through rooms offered by other students and verified landlords in 400+ cities and 50+ countries.

Get in touch

Directly contact students that advertise a room, tell them about yourself, ask questions, and become their new tenant.

Make payment

Confirm your room booking by paying the first month's rent through our secure booking service.

Move-in date

HousingAnywhere transfers your first month’s rent to the room advertiser, only after you have moved in and checked the room.


Outgoing students leave their student room behind as they go on exchange. With availability in over 400 cities (among which most major exchange destinations) it’s likely they can find a room on HousingAnywhere. What outgoing students can definitely do is rent out their room for the period they’re abroad. This will get them some extra money on exchange, and will help your incoming students to find housing.

List your room

List your room on HousingAnywhere and start receiving responses immediately.

Respond to tenants

Get in touch with potential tenants and learn more about them.

Select a tenant

Select the tenant you prefer and initiate a secure booking.

Receive payment

After the tenant moves in, you will receive the first month's rent.

HousingAnywhere for universities

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What our partner universities say about HousingAnywhere

We have been advertising the service to our incoming students and so far the results have been spectacular

Sean O'Connell

Global Programs Director, University of Southern California

We think that it’s very useful, mostly for our international students coming to study at the University of Pisa, but also for our students going abroad”

Laura Nelli

International Promotion Director, University of Pisa

One of the main challenges is to find accommodation for our incoming students. That is one of the reasons we joined forces with HousingAnywhere

Jean Schleiss

Deputy head of the International Office, Ludwig-Maximilian-University

Plan for the universities

HousingAnywhere offers a Secure Booking Service and has a Customer Care Team to help students book a room safely.

Activation Plan

Priority Access
  • Basic Information Campaign
  • Basic Student Support

Complete Plan

Dedicated Staff
  • Dedicated Room Acquisition
  • Advanced Student Support
  • 100-200 Rooms Offered

Premium Plan

Full Integration
  • Personal Room Supply Specialist
  • Premium Student Support
  • 1000+ Rooms Offered

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