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It is very common to rent unfurnished apartments in Hamburg. If you require a furnished flat, be sure to only search for this preference. Keep in mind that unless a listing specifically states that a flat or a room is furnished, it typically is not.

A common practice is for students to share an apartment. Often, students can even find others hoping to share space by looking at Facebook groups for students who will be living in Germany.

Room prices

Some public institutions offer rooms for rent that start off at €250. As you can imagine, these spaces are in high demand, so you must apply at least three to four months before your move. There is also often a long waiting list.

If you are interested in a shared flat, prices start off at €370, depending on the location. Private studios typically cost between €700 and €800 monthly.

Hamburg neighbourhoods

Hamburg has seven unique districts: Altona, Hamburg-Mitte, Eimsbüttel, Wandsbek, Hamburg-Nord, Bergedorf and Harburg. Eimsbüttel is close to the universities, making it quite popular among students. Altona and Ottensen are also in large demand due to the high-end areas along the Alster Lake.

If you are on a budget, be sure to check out the areas outside of the city center.

However, most students find accommodation in the following areas:


Schanzenviertel is nestled in the middle of Altona, St. Pauli and Eimsbüttel. If you exit from Sternschanze station, you can walk south down Schanzenstrasse into the thriving city center. The area is quite diverse and full of students, artists and immigrants.

Sternschanze is all about counter culture! You can find old record stores and unique little shops selling vintage clothes and books, as well as vibrant pubs along Schulterblatt street. This is a popular local hangout for the young people of Hamburg.


Eimsbüttel quarter is a truly sought-after locale in Hamburg, with tree-lined streets and historic residential buildings. In the center, you will find the Osterstrasse shopping street, where the annual Osterstrasse Festival is also held. There are several restaurants to choose from in this area, with the most noted being the delicatessen shops along Eppendorfer Weg.

St. Pauli

St. Pauli is known for the Reeperbahn, football and its beautiful harbor, making it a trendy, colorful district, just full of excitement. The Reeperbahn’s identifying neon lights draw the attention of partiers in Hamburg, with theatres, music venues, bars and clubs.

There’s a cultural maritime feel to the area along the Elbe river, with its many small bars, each with its own unique ambiance. In the center of the city, you can also find the beautiful Japanese gardens, water fountains, an ice-skating rink and minigolf.

Tips to find housing in Hamburg

When you are living in Hamburg, there are several ways to find accommodation.

  • The quickest may be to hire a real estate agent, but this can get really expensive. Plus, you may be required to pay two to three months of rent upfront.

  • There are several private landlords and housing companies in the city of Hamburg. You can find them by looking on the university’s notice boards, or you can even look for advertisements in local newspapers, such as the Hamburger Abendblatt.

  • The Counselling center Accommodation offers information on housing to students studying for their doctorate degrees.

  • If you don’t want to be put on a waiting list and don’t want to clear out your bank account, try a housing portal, such as Housing Anywhere. You can even receive alerts when a property that matches your preferences is listed!

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