Living in Hamburg: an expat city guide

Cost of living in Hamburg

The cost of living in Hamburg almost hits a level close to the top 10 most expensive cities in Germany. To live in comfort - and not just to survive - you should reckon with about 820.20€ per month as a single person - without rent! We'll give you a sense of the cost of living Hamburg.

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Discover the neighbourhoods of Hamburg

Hamburg's neighbourhoods are beautifully rich and richly beautiful. To feel just like a real Hamburger in the midst of historical charm and urban flair, it's all about picking the ideal neighbourhood.


Internships in Hamburg for internationals

Did you know that Hamburg ranks as a key economic hub? A magnet for innovation and creativity, but also for tourism, maritime and research - Hamburg opens up a vast range of job opportunities. So, in this economic hotbed, you shouldn't run into any problems in finding your internship in Hamburg!

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Public transport in Hamburg (HVV)

You're trying to find your way back to your WG (shared apartment) in Ottensen after barhopping in Schanze with your new friends? Luckily, the dense public transport network in Hamburg (HVV) takes you just about anywhere in no time at all.

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Shared rooms for rent in Hamburg