5 Great Reasons Why You Should Learn German


Updated on Feb 14 • 1 minute read

German isn't one of the easiest languages to learn. You might have asked yourself if you should accept the challenge to study the German language or to stick to Google translate. But it never hurts to add another language to your skillset. It can only benefit you. So here're 5 reasons why you should consider learning German!

1. German is Europe’s number one spoken native language

Although it's only the second most-spoken language in Europe, German is number 1 when considering native speakers. What’s also interesting is that in the English-speaking world, you can find the German language as the third most taught foreign language. German is also in the top 10 major languages of the world. It’s quite impressive given the fact that Germany is not the world’s largest country.

2. German is an essential language on an academic level

Fun fact: German is the third largest book market worldwide. After Chinese and English publications, German language speakers are ambitious in bringing German books on the market. Why should this fact make you more willing to give German a try? Well, if you want to get access to this vast and enormous amount of sources, you'll have to make yourself a bit familiar with the language.

3. German is not as hard to learn as you might think

Yes, that might sound like a fairytale. But think of other languages that are out there. Chinese, Russian or Arabic —— if you're not a born in those parts of the world, you are probably not familiar with their alphabet. On the other hand, with German you just have to add ä, ö, u and ß, then you're equipped. What you might not have realized as a Non-German speaker: there're thousands of words that are similar in German and English. This is simply because both share Germanic roots, for example, water is Wasser, name is name, hand is hand, sing is singen, father becomes Vater and beer is Bier. Quite a lot of similarities, right?!

4. German speakers are everywhere!

Trust us, sooner or later German speakers will cross your path eventually. Even if you are just searching for some friends during your travel trips, there is a high probability that you get in contact with a German-speaking person.

5. The big players on the market

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world. Does it sound exciting for you to enter the doors of an international market leader? There're several significant German employers such as Siemens, Volkswagen, Lufthansa, BMW or Adidas that are known worldwide. Berlin is increasingly becoming a hub for innovative startups. If you acquire German language skills, you'll be a step closer to those established employers and increasing your employability!

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