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With an internship, you open doors into the world of work as a student! By starting your new position with an open mind, you'll build up valuable contacts and expand your horizons beyond what you’ve learned in theory – and maybe even sign your first employment contract at the end of your internship! In short: you really shouldn't miss out on an internship.

You have your eye on Berlin as your base for your next internship? Well, get ready for a real gem!

At first glance, Berlin is home to many major companies from the metal and electrical industries and, alongside chemical-pharmaceutical enterprises, they form the two industries with the highest employment volumes. And yet the glaring contrasts in Berlin certainly are reflected among businesses as well: you’ll find both large corporations next to brand new startups in the capital.

Did you know that every 14 hours a new startup is founded in Berlin? With a focus on innovative technologies, new business models are literally sprouting out of the ground in Berlin.

You can put your skills to the test in major corporations or revive your entrepreneurial spirit in a popular Fintech startup. We'll introduce you to the most popular employers in Berlin and show you the Berlin startup gems in the startup heaven.

How to take up an internship in Berlin as an international

An internship abroad will allow you to look beyond the working world of your own country and perhaps adopt practices from abroad. And that’s on top of making new contacts and immerse yourself in a new culture! If you are an international intern from an EU country, there are few bureaucratic hurdles in your way! So plunge straight into your new internship adventure in Berlin.

The situation is slightly different for interns from a non-EU country, as you will have to meet one or two visa requirements. But don't worry, it’ll be much easier than you might think. Read here about internships in Germany for English speakers. Time to get started with your search for internships in Berlin!

Major companies for your internship in Berlin

So, you wonder which company might be the best fit for an English-speaking internship in Berlin? There's no easy answer to this question; however, it can generally be said that the large international companies make less distinction between German and English-speaking interns than mid-scale companies. This is your chance to find an internship in Berlin! Let us first give you a first impression of the various companies in Berlin by industry.

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)

You'll most likely find the one or the other brand that has its home in Berlin in your own bathroom or kitchen. And what's more, many FMCG companies in Berlin offer working student positions as well as internships in English! Check out their career pages to see which one is right for you.

  • Storck: The company describes itself as "urban, international, friendly" and in doing so is positioning itself as a paradigm for international students. Located right next to its own factory, the headquarters of Storck can be found in the neighborhood of Reinickendorf. Everything from marketing to production is managed globally from Berlin for all locations. Immerse yourself in a large company - and treat yourself to a few "merci" chocolates.

  • Coca Cola Considered to be the inventor of Santa Claus, this company gets its customers hooked on its sweet, ice-cold beverage even in the winter months. Fancy marketing? At Coca-Cola, you've found just the right place. Alongside an internship, the company also offers working students opportunities. Its student employees work around 20 hours a week and are generously compensated.

  • Procter & Gamble Looking inside your bathroom, odds are that you find at least one product from the group in your travel kit. After all, billions of other people besides you use the company's products every day. Procter & Gamble is known for developing and launching world-leading brands that include shavers, batteries, oral care products and household appliances. The perfect opportunity to learn from the real experts of the FMCG industry!

Meal Kit

  • HelloFresh: In 2011, Berlin-based startup HelloFresh found an answer for everyone who likes to cook fresh food, but for whom grocery shopping and choosing recipes becomes too time-consuming. This makes it one of the first companies in the meal-kit industry! Are you into cooking and would you be keen to contribute with your skills to a young company? Then check out the career page of HelloFresh.


  • Amazon "Alexa, can you hook me up with an internship in Berlin?" Here's an option: Amazon! As a prospective developer or engineer you might be able to get an internship at Amazon in Berlin. The company has a development centre in Berlin Mitte that works on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Zalando In 2008 Berlin-based Zalando started as an online shop for shoes and has now, almost 10 years later, become the online platform for fashion in Europe. Today, Zalando is an online platform that connects all players in the fashion industry. If you are into fashion and always keep up with the trends, the Zalando office in Berlin is the right place for you!

  • Junique Straight from the hip district of Kreuzberg, Junique is a young company that sells carefully selected designs by independent artists, such as posters, clothes or accessories. And this across 13 different countries in Europe! The founders Lea Lange, Sebastian Hasebrink and Marc Pohl expect to carry on on this wave of success in the upcoming years. Why not join this exciting Berlin company as an intern to learn how to take a market by storm?

Internet & Social Media

  • Google We don't need to introduce you to these big fellas any longer. The internet giant Google employs around 200 people in Berlin; mainly focused on Google's policy, legal and engineers. What's more, Google will soon be opening its "campus" startup hub in Berlin!

  • Facebook Get the hang of it: Berlin boasts not only its own Silicon Allee in Mitte but it equally attracts the tech giants from the actual Silicon Valley. The Berlin office of Facebook works on sales marketing, public policy and communication.

  • EyeEm EyeEm takes up a strong position as a competitor to Instagram. The app allows its users to edit and share photos and companies can search for images using artificial intelligence and computer vision technology. Perfect fit for tech savvy interns!

  • StreamCloud The music streaming service Soundcloud provides amateur DJ's with a platform to upload their music. The startup is one of the most famous tech companies from Berlin, founded by two Swedes Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss.

Technology / Software/ Fintech

  • Apple One of the biggest tech companies even runs a small team in Berlin: Apple. Several engineers work on Apple Maps in the Berlin office; however, the location of the office remains a well-kept secret. Maybe you’ll find out as a prospective Apple intern?

  • N26 A bank without any brick-and-mortar bank branches, solely available as an app online. This makes N26 a pioneer in the banking industry! The company offers bank accounts and debit cards that are completely driven by the app. What is unique is that customers can easily borrow up to €25,000 directly from their smartphone.


  • Babble If you're interning at Babble in Berlin, you won't have any more excuses why you just can’t get the hang of learning German. The language learning platform can be easily used from your desktop or mobile phone and has over a dozen languages available. Unlike Duolingo, Babble uses a more advanced didactic method.

  • ResearchGate You've most likely already run into ResearchGate when writing one or two term papers. The company is almost a social media platform for scientists and allows researchers to work together on projects and give feedback. What is impressive is that Bill Gates and Goldman Sachs have contributed to raising over $87 million for the company. A thriving business!


  • Daimler Without its cars, Germany would be like Italy without its cuisine. So naturally there are a number of car companies based in Berlin! With its divisions Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler Trucks, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Buses and Daimler Financial Services, the vehicle manufacturer is one of the largest suppliers of premium cars.

  • Volkswagen “Volkswagen - DAS Auto”: With its branch office in Berlin, this dealership is one of the largest in the region and a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen.

Transportation and infrastructure

  • Deutsche Bahn With 19,466 employees, Deutsche Bahn is the front-runner among the companies with the most employees in Berlin. Students in engineering, IT, economics or social sciences are sure to find a suitable internship position in the company. Best of all, Deutsche Bahn operates in many business areas that are also internationally active.

  • BVG Name just one local public transport network that has its own shoe collection with Adidas. Hold on, I'm waiting. Ok, let me tell you: Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) has designed a unique shoe together with adidas Originals, the EQT Support 93/ Berlin. The catchy pattern of the BVG seat covers is used as design element of the sneaker. You see, the BVG is far from being a lame company! And on top of that one of the largest employers in Berlin with 13.776 employees.

Pharmacy / Healthcare

  • Robert-Koch Institute Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic at the latest, the Robert Koch Institute is well-known all over Germany. As a national public health institute, the RKI keeps an eye on the health status of the population in Germany. Its core tasks include the prevention and control of (infectious) diseases and the analysis of health trends.

  • Bayer The pharmaceutical giant is a pioneer for human, animal and global health. If you want to dive into health care, Bayer might be the place to go.

  • Pfizer The New York-based company was founded almost 170 years ago by two German emigrants. Today, the headquarters have shifted to the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, where the medical, clinical research, personnel, finance, communication and marketing departments are located.

Berlin's aspiring young enterprises

  • LiveEO

LiveEO closely monitors any potential catastrophe: The software tracks energy, rail and pipeline infrastructure via satellite imaging. By evaluating these images, potential danger can be quickly identified, evaluated and resolved.

  • Horzin Studios The hip startup has designed innovative pieces of luggage that are more than just a simple suitcase. Founded in 2015, the company incorporates power banks into its luggage and has even integrated GPS models into some products. Add to that their cool designs!

  • Seven Senders The young enterprise connects retailers with premium parcel delivery companies worldwide and obtains completely transparent shipping, so tracking is always on. As a result, customers not only have a transparent but also faster and cheaper delivery!

  • HeyJobs Attention, prospective recruiters: a data pool of applicants matches a job with its applicants using sophisticated artificial intelligence! You want to revolutionize the HR sector? Maybe you’ll be matched with HeyJobs!

  • Tier Following the "Sharing Economy"-principle, this company, which was founded in 2018, equips cities with scooters on the streets and thereby changes mobility in cities. Via the app you can rent a scooter and explore Berlin - or head for your new internship!

Ready to apply for your internship in Berlin?

For international students, Berlin offers internships in almost every industry, at companies of all sizes. The capital is the birthplace of many of today's corporations including the Zalando offices in Berlin. At the same time the city attracts international companies from all over the world! Amazon, Apple and Google are just some of the few that found their base in the capital. In short: with it’s density of major corporates, international students will find English-speaking internship opportunities, so you won’t face language barriers here. Keep in mind: in many major companies like Procter & Gamble or Coca Cola you might even have the chance to continue working as a working student after your internship.

Remember that Berlin isn't only popular among the major corporates in Berlin. Much more, it’s the ultimate hotspot for startups and in fact, generates 58.9% of the 6.2 billion Euros generated by start-ups! Impressive. So if you want to let your startup spirit run free, the best thing to do is to throw yourself into one of the many Fintechs in Berlin.

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