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Several international students choose to do an internship in Berlin because the city is home to major international companies and startups.

Whether doing an internship is a mandatory part of your degree or you’re moving to Berlin for international work experience, the city has lots to offer. Explore the most popular companies in Berlin that offer internships to English-speaking students.

Internships in Berlin

For international students, Berlin offers internships in almost every industry at companies of all sizes. The city serves as the headquarters of several big and international companies from all over the world. Amazon, Apple, and Google are just some of the few that found their base in the capital. With such a variety of international companies, you’ll be able to find your dream internship as an English-speaking student.

Major companies for your internship in Berlin

Your best shot at landing an internship in Berlin is to look for positions at big companies. Bigger-scale international companies distinguish less between German and English-speaking interns than mid-scale companies. Similarly, start-ups are also great for English-speaking students as they tend to look for international talent to overcome the local labour shortage. So let’s take a look at various companies in Berlin by industry.

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

Always wanted to work in a worldwide known company? Many FMCG companies in Berlin offer working student positions and internships in English. Check out their career pages to see which one is right for you.

  1. Storck: Storck is a German candy producer that owns brands such as Merci and Wherther’s Original. The company describes itself as "urban, international, friendly”, making it perfect for international students. The headquarters of Storck can be found in the neighborhood of Reinickendorf and everything from marketing to production is managed from here.

  2. Coca-Cola: Students and graduates have loads of opportunities at Coca-Cola. Alongside an internship, the company also offers opportunities for working students and traineeships for graduates. You can choose to work in the supply chain, sales & marketing, or corporate department, all the while earning an income and having a good work-life balance.

  3. Procter & Gamble: Procter & Gamble is known for developing and launching world-leading brands such as Oral-B, Pampers, Always, and Gillette. No surprise that billions of people use the company's products every day. Interning at P&G is a perfect opportunity to work in a big company and learn from real experts in the FMCG industry.

Meal Kit

  1. HelloFresh: In 2011, Berlin-based startup HelloFresh found an answer for everyone who likes to cook fresh food but isn’t a fan of shopping for groceries. This makes it one of the first companies in the meal-kit industry. If you’re enthusiastic about food and innovation, this company might be the right fit for you.


  1. Amazon: As a prospective developer or engineer, you can get an internship at Amazon in Berlin. The company's development center in Berlin Mitte works on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  2. Zalando: In 2008, Berlin-based Zalando started as an online shop for shoes and has now become the online platform for fashion in Europe. Today, Zalando connects all players in the fashion industry. If you are into fashion and always keep up with the trends, check out the Zalando career page.

  3. JUNIQE: JUNIQE is an e-commerce platform based in Berlin that sells items, such as posters, clothes, or accessories, made by independent artists. JUNIQE’s goal is to become the go-to destination for curated art and home accessories. So, why not join this exciting company as an intern to learn how to take a market by storm?

Internet and Social Media

  1. Google: Googlers working in Berlin’s office focus on various aspects of the company’s products and services. Moreover, Google has a start-up hub in berlin called “Google for Startups” that provides resources and support for entrepreneurs. This will be a strong starting point if you dream of your own company!

  2. Facebook: Berlin boasts its own Silicon Allee in Mitte, which attracts tech giants and top talent. The Berlin office of Facebook works on sales marketing, public policy, and communication.

  3. EyeEm: The company operates a stock photography marketplace and offers advanced computer vision technology. So whenever you search for images, the company’s computer vision technology analyses your needs and provides the right images — a perfect fit for tech-savvy interns.

  4. SoundCloud: SoundCloud provides amateur DJs with a platform to upload their music. Why not join one of the most popular music streaming platforms of today? You can find plenty of internship opportunities, ranging from community management to studio production.


  1. N26: N26 is a pioneer in the banking industry as it’s a fully digital bank. The company is already expanding beyond Germany and you could do an internship in the anti-financial crimes unit if you’re interested in this field.


  1. Babble: If you want to work at a highly diverse company and help others learn languages in a fun way, Babble is for you. As the headquarter is in Berlin, interning here would mean you’ll work in a massive 6,500 square meter office space, with work and social areas. And if you're interning here, you won't have any more excuses for not learning German!

  2. ResearchGate: It’s a social networking site for scientists, researchers, and academics. If you apply for an internship at ResearchGate, what’s better than joining its headquarters in Berlin?


Without its cars, Germany would be like Italy without its cuisine. So naturally, there’re many car companies based in Berlin.

  1. Daimler: Daimler is one of the largest suppliers of premium cars. Dream of working with Mercedes-Benz Cars? Then this might be for you.

  2. Volkswagen: “Volkswagen - DAS Auto”: With its branch office in Berlin, this dealership is one of the largest in the region and a 100% subsidiary of Volkswagen.

Transportation and infrastructure

  1. Deutsche Bahn: Students in engineering, IT, economics, or social sciences are sure to find a suitable internship position in the company. Best of all, Deutsche Bahn operates in many business areas that are also internationally active.

  2. BVG: If you live in Berlin, you’ll know that Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) is the public transport operator in Berlin. They’re the fourth largest employer in the city and there’s bound to be something that will interest you, whether as an intern or a working student.


  1. Robert-Koch Institute: As a national public health institute, the RKI monitors the health status of the population in Germany. Its core tasks include the prevention and control of (infectious) diseases and the analysis of health trends.

  2. Bayer: This pharmaceutical giant is a human, animal, and global health pioneer. If you want to dive into health care, Bayer might be the place to go.

  3. Pfizer: Today, it’s one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Its headquarters are in Berlin, where the medical, clinical research, personnel, finance, communication, and marketing departments are located.

Berlin's young enterprises

  1. LiveEO: LiveEO software monitors any potential catastrophe via satellite imaging. Their team has experts from over 30 nationalities that help the infrastructure sector to be safer, more reliable, and more sustainable. Join their marketing or sales team and become a part of this big challenge.

  2. Horizn Studios: Do you want to combine your hobby of traveling with your future career? Join this Berlin-based company and shape the future of travel. Their international team designs innovative pieces of luggage that have power banks and even GPS. Join their sales team or send an open application as they’re always waiting for talents!

  3. Seven Senders: This enterprise connects retailers with premium parcel delivery companies across Europe. The team of more than 30 nationalities works towards the same goal making delivery faster and cheaper. Curious to join their HR or key account management teams?

  4. HeyJobs: Do you want to revolutionize the HR sector? Interning at HeyJobs would mean you’ll be matching applicants to a perfect job using sophisticated artificial intelligence! You can join over 350 employees from more than 32 nationalities in sales and business development, marketing, strategy, and software departments.

  5. Tier: Tier aims to change mobility in cities with low-carbon transport solutions. Over 1000 employees from more than 100 nationalities are working towards changing mobility for good. Are you interested in becoming a part of more sustainable mobility in future cities? You can join this team as an intern in the product and research, HR, customer care, and finance departments.

Requirements to get an internship in Berlin as an international

If you’re an international intern from an EU country, you’ll need a valid passport or ID, proof of health insurance (e.g., EHIC), an internship contract, and proof of accommodation in Berlin. Upon arrival, you’ll need to register with the local registration authority (Einwohnermeldeamt).

Interns from a non-EU country will also have to meet visa requirements. The type of visa you’ll need depends on the length of your internship.

  • If you’ve got a German student visa, you can do an internship in Berlin during your break or during term time if it’s part of your degree.

If you’re from abroad, then you’ll need to apply for a visa.

In order to apply for the German training/internship visa, you’ll first need to be accepted in the internship or training program. Your visa processing might take from 2 weeks to 2 months. As soon as you receive your Germany internship visa, it’ll be valid for the period of your internship. And if you decide to seek a job after your internship, you can apply for a type of German work visa.

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