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Coworking Spaces in Berlin are literally sprouting out of the ground; more and more freelancers emphasize creative minds as an inspiring environment and start-ups develop a network brimming with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Within the coworking universe, Germany strives to keep pace with the pioneers of coworking: California. And where else would coworking spaces serve more purpose, if not in the birthplace of Zalando, N26 or Hellofresh, a true startup hotspot: Berlin?

We show you the best coworking spaces in Berlin. From Prenzlauer Berg to Friedrichshain, there's truly one exciting coworking space after another in Berlin.

Why you really want to find your coworking space in Berlin

When it comes to housing, "coliving" concepts have been around in Berlin from early on, and have proven to be a true formula for success. Sharing office space also strikes a chord with the spirit of the age: combining the utmost flexibility with networking among like-minded peers.

Upon entering the coworking spaces in Berlin, you'll instantly feel the fizz of creativity, proactivity and ultimately productivity. Coworking spaces are more than just a shared office in Berlin: joint events form the best place for networking!

So, did you just catch yourself dreaming about your new community at your coworking space in Berlin? Let us help you and show you the best coworking spaces in Berlin!

Friedrichshain, Berlin Mitte or maybe in upbeat Prenzlauer Berg? Berlin is the undisputed pioneer for coworking spaces: whether as a freelancer in Germany or as a newly hatched start-up, in this vibrant capital you can find a coworking space in just about every corner. Some of the most well-known coworking space providers can be found in Berlin:

  • WeWork: With its breathtaking view onto Postdamer Platz, the seventh floor of the Sony Center can soon fit over 1,000 people. Network until you drop and get your work done here - with a view.
  • Mindspace: One of the world's largest coworking space providers has chosen three locations in Berlin. Between rustic industrial vibes, you can build your network in between free tea, coffee or beer.
  • Techspace: The coworking network Techspace has already conquered several big cities in Europe and has opened two locations in Berlin. With modern industrial vibes and vintage details, Techspace has built a modern coworking space in Berlin. The best: you are free to work from the balcony, a telephone box or one of the many offices.

So, where exactly can you find the best coworking space in Berlin, the crème de la crème so to speak?

It is the Weserland in the district of Neukölln. In fact, it was awarded the Coworker Member's Choice Award!

Do you wonder why Weserland is the best coworking space in Berlin? The moment you take a step into the coworking space in Berlin, you feel at home. Every detail has been carefully considered: from the paper birds to the plants, the Weserland has created a creative oasis full of inspiration. What's even better: the seats have been designed to make your back feel good!

With 160 Euros a month or 18 Euros a day you get to be productive in a cosy environment or recharge your batteries in the nap room.

But Berlin has a lot more coworking spaces to offer:

Coworking in Berlin Friedrichshain

1. Books and Bagels

Those who take their first bite of the airy bagel feel taken back to their last trip to New York. Between aromatic baked goods and coffee en masse, you can not only quench your hunger with treats in between but also spend the whole day there and work.

2. The Factory Berlin

Next to Görlitzer Park, The Factory Berlin offers a starting point for entrepreneurs. This coworking space in Berlin Friedrichshain is a private club for start-ups, giving you a platform to connect, network and collaborate. The Factory Berlin is located in Berlin Friedrichshain as well as in Mitte! Both for 119 Euro per month.

3. Betahaus

Upon stepping into the Betahaus coworking space in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, you can feel the creative minds hatching over an idea. At the Betahaus Café, you can choose between treats and indulge in the free internet; alternatively, you can rent a table where you can be productive as a freelancer from 9 a.m. onwards. For 99 Euro per month, you are perfectly equipped as a freelancer; you pay 250 Euro per month to have all the advantages including meeting rooms.

Coworking Space in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

1. Wonder Coworking Female empowerment is written in capital letters here. The Wonder Coworking Space in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg is the first women's network in Berlin. For 59 Euro you can work at any desk two days a week - and you even have a playroom for children!

Coworking Space in Berlin Mitte

Berlin-Mitte is the hub of business. As a real economic hotspot, the district not only attracts large corporations but also one coworking space after the other is being built around Potsdamer Platz in Berlin Mitte.

And even if you look a little north of Berlin-Mitte towards the Spree, you will find more coworking spaces in Berlin-Mitte near the main train station and south towards the Kreuzberg border.

Here you will find the most popular coworking spaces in Berlin-Mitte, for every budget and preference:

1. Quartier Zukunft

With the coworking space "Quartier Zukunft", Deutsche Bank wants to encourage the ideas of young entrepreneurs. You can use the space for flexible use of temporary jobs while experts from Quartier Zukunft are on hand to answer your questions and discuss your ideas. There's a constant exchange of ideas with regular workshops where you can sense the creativity flowing.

2. WeWork Hackescher Markt

Although the WeWork at Hackescher Markt in Berlin-Mitte is far smaller than its sibling houses at the Sony Center, Atrium Tower, Ku'damm or Potsdamer Platz, you’ll be sitting in a historical five-floor building on Neue Schönhauser Straße. Choose between a Hot- or FixedDesk at the WeWork Hackescher Markt or even rent a private office! With 430 Euros for a FixDesk and 540 Euros for a private office, it's well above Berlin prices, but in return, you have endless networking possibilities, modern equipment and a fancy dream location in the middle of the Hackescher Markt.

3. Unicorn Berlin-Mitte

Networking at it's finest: At Unicorn Berlin-Mitte, you can sit in a cosy atmosphere as a freelancer and get inspired by your coworkers. Based in Berlin-Mitte near Rosenthaler Platz, Unicorn is the perfect match for flexible freelancers who can only reserve a spot one week in advance. A weekly ticket (5x day ticket) at a FlexDesk costs 69 Euro, a day ticket 16,50 Euro.

4. AMAPOLA Coworking

In this small coworking space in Berlin-Mitte AMAPOLA, you’ll work in a cosy setting in which you'll instantly know familiar faces. What's even better: You're very close to the Spree River and can get from one spot to another in no time thanks to the proximity of the U6 subway. To use the AMAPOLA Coworking Space, you pay 150 euros a month for a FlexDesk. Berlin bargain!

5. Digital Eatery

Your freelancer heart will skip a beat in the Digital Eatery: The Coworking Space in Berlin Mitte boasts hip design, comfortable designer furniture and a large selection of Microsoft gadgets. If you need it a little quieter, you can hide away in a meeting box.

Not the right thing? Coworking Guide has compiled a list of all coworking spaces in Berlin - and you can even filter by your preference for coffee and water flats!

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