10 reasons to move to Berlin as international

Should I move to Berlin? We'll give you ten reasons to move to Berlin in a heartbeat.


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Updated on 30 May 2024

"Should I move to Berlin?" - a question that has certainly crossed the mind of many expats. Although the reasons to move to Berlin can't really be counted on two hands, our 10 reasons to move to Berlin can still give you some pointers to make up your mind.

Spoiler: There's a fair chance that you'll start packing your bags after finishing this article

Should I move to Berlin?

Yes, you should! Berlin is a city full of contrasts, between the romanticism of concrete blocks and historical buildings, between visionary start-ups and global corporations, truly every international finds thier place in this metropolis.

10 reasons to move to Berlin

With almost 742,000 expats, Berlin truly is a magnet for foreigners. So why do so many internationals move to Berlin?

1. Living in Berlin is like Living in a concrete jungle

Berlin's charm comes from the contrast between the concrete-block apartment buildings and wild green spaces, which shape the face of the city.

Did you know that there're over 1 million trees and 2,500 parks in Berlin?

With an area of 210 hectares, the Tiergarten in the heart of the city offers plenty of breathtaking greenery. You can also marvel the Treptower Park or the many palace gardens from Charlottenburg to Glienicke or the Viktoriapark within an easy reach.

2. Moving to Berlin means living between yesterday and tomorrow

Berlin is where creative minds come together. The city's start-up scene brims with visionary pioneers and successful companies. At the same time Berlin carries the history of Germany on its shoulders. It's impossible to have one dull moment in Berlin.

If you live in Berlin, you can experience history first hand while time travelling full speed ahead into the future.

After a long week you can immerse yourself into art and culture by visiting one of the many activities happening daily.

3. But what's a car again?

Perhaps the numerous green spaces in Berlin have sparked ecological awareness in the minds of Berliners to move away from the car and back to their bicycles. Needless to say, the price of petrol is also a reason why people in Berlin prefer to use more affordable alternatives and therefore avoid wasting fuel.

To tell the truth, though, public transport in Berlin and the well-built cycle paths are often the quickest way to get from A to B.

4. Your trusted ‘Späti

Berlin exemplifies its kiosk culture unlike any other city in Germany. Little surprise that the kiosk in Berlin has even earned its own name as "Späti" (‘Spätverkauf’ as in late-night shop).

Your favourite Späti is never out of touch, particularly when supermarkets close their gates to you. Outside of normal business hours, you can fetch your groceries here!

5. Berlin is the cheapest Western capital

Let's talk money! Did you know that Berlin is the cheapest Western capital in Europe? Just another reason to move to Berlin!

In a city where even beer is cheaper than water, you can easily get the most out of living in Berlin with little money. With an average monthly cost of living of €1,340 Berlin ranks as one of the cheapest Western capitals in Europe.

6. A start-up dream for every entrepreneur

Who needs Silicon Valley when you can have Silicon Alley? Inspiration in Berlin isn’t a flash in the pan: with 37 registered start-ups in Berlin per month out of an average of almost 130 throughout Germany, the city positions itself as the clear forerunner as a start-up hub in Germany.

Got your next business idea up your sleeve? The dense network of business incubators and accelerator programmes gives you a good reason to move to Berlin!

7. There's a big expat community in Berlin

With 742,000 expats in Berlin, you'll quickly find friends. In various online expat groups, you can find like-minded expats in Berlin so that you can easily create a family far from home.

8. Survive with no language barriers

Well, we admit it: German certainly isn't among the easiest languages to learn. For those who happen not to boast a talent for languages, the low language barrier could be the best reason to move to Berlin!

In contrast to many other cities in Germany, people in Berlin don't hesitate to switch conversations to English.

9. Tolerance is a priority

Be part of tolerant Berlin! In Berlin, you can express yourself free from judgement and will be fully accepted as you are. Berlin truly is one of the most tolerant cities in Europe, where people can embrace their true selves.

10. Strike your work-life balance

Efficiency's the key at work for Germans. Taking a look at productivity levels Germany's one of the most productive EU countries, following Luxembourg, Ireland and Denmark. And that's impressive considering the fact that German working hours are below the European average!

In other words, Germans place a strong emphasis on the quality of work, not on quantity. The work culture stresses on efficiency over length.

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