How it works

Easy Property Management

Effortless control over your listings, all from one place.

Simple and quick listing

Creating a listing has never been easier. When you fill out a full description and add high-quality photos (maybe even a video), you’re listing can expect up to 3 times more bookings. You save time by making the listing as detailed as possible, so you attract the right tenant. For more tips and tricks to make your listing work for you, read our guide:

Dedicated search page

If you have multiple listings spread across several cities, you’ll have a dedicated search page. Send potential tenants your personalised link in our secure chat, and they’ll be taken to an exclusive city-search page. The page will be free of all competitor listings and only display yours.

Duplicate listings

Have a large property portfolio? Our Duplicate Listing feature will save you a lot of time by allowing to clone your similar, near-identical property listings. You only have to fill out a full listing once and edit the details of the rest.

Our checklist for a compelling listing

Upload a high-quality photo of every room

Write an honest and detailed property description

Specify the minimum rental period and length of stay

Keep your availability calendar up to date

Film a video tour of your property

Upload a floor plan

Advertiser badges

We award badges to our best performing and most trusted advertisers. We’ll help you showcase it everywhere, and your listings will rank higher on our search pages when you’ve got a badge.

Manage your entire inventory

Creating your system to manage your properties within HousingAnywhere is very easy. You get the option to give listings nicknames so you can quickly identify them and track your views and overall listing performance.

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