Cost of living in Turin

Turin is a very well-known city in Italy, especially for Italian brands that are made in Italy and a place where many immigrants settled after World War II. However, it is very popular with students because it offers most of the amenities of the three larger cities, along with cheaper rates for student housing in Turin.

Housing costs

When moving to Turin, you can expect to pay between €600 and €800 per month, which should cover your rental fees, food, telephone services and transportation.

Food costs

Expect to pay around €150 per month for groceries. Some budget supermarkets to go to are Lidl, Esselunga or Penny Market.

If you look for some farmer's products, then you should visit an open food market - Porta Palazzo. Fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables along with cheese and freshly baked bread - all the best ingredients for your dinner.

Transportation costs

Public transportation, as long as it is within the city of Turin, is €1.50 for a 90-minute ticket, €21 per month for a 26-month pass and 38€ per month for over 26 months.

Entertainment costs

If you like going to the cinema, tickets are usually anywhere from €5 to €10, like at Cinema Lux. If you enjoy the performing arts and the theatre, tickets typically begin at €15. The entrance fee for most discos is approximately €10 to €20, including the first drink.

If you’re dining out, a meal at a pizzeria is generally around €15, including a drink or two.

If you're at a mid-range restaurant, you will pay between €7 and €12 for pasta and between €8 and €12 for the main dish (fish or meat). Be aware that you will be charged for bread and any appetizers present on the table.

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