Universities in Rotterdam

Erasmus University

Erasmus University has two campuses in Rotterdam: one for the medical faculty at Dijkzigt, and ‘Woudestein’ in Kralingen for all other subjects.

Medical Faculty

The medical faculty is situated at Dijkzigt, in the western part of the city, in close proximity to Erasmus MC hospital. On campus, students have access to the medical library and there is a Skills and Simulation Center where students can practice and get hands-on experience in their field.


There are plenty of bachelor’s programs available at this campus, so you’re bound to meet people pursuing all sorts of different careers!

How to Get There

The medical campus is very easy to reach. The metro stop Dijkzigt (for lines A, B, and C) is in front of the building.

Campus Woudestein

This campus has just been renovated! With loads of places to hang out, a great food court and even a Starbucks, it’s a really cool place for young people. There’s also a sports centre where you can do various group classes (yoga, boxing, power pump, steps), join a sports club (like basketball, soccer or volleyball) and, of course, where you can do gym work.


There’s Law, Business Administration, Communication and Health Policies. Visit the following university website for all information about bachelor’s programs at Erasmus university.

How to Get There

The easiest way to get to campus is by tram. Tram stop Woudestein leaves you 5 minutes’ walk away. From Central Station, you can take either the 21 or 24 to arrive at the campus.

Erasmus University College (EUC)

Situated in Rotterdam’s city center in South Holland, Erasmus University College is a public, yet otherwise selective, liberal arts college. With its start back in 2013 with just 85 students, the university is a residential undergraduate institution with four departments: Economics and Business, Life Sciences, Humanities and Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Erasmus University College is known for being very popular with international students, with a big focus on its international dimension, which is shown through its courses, as well as its social calendar. To add to its true international flair, there are numerous courses taught completely in the English language. Plus, 50% of its enrollment represents Dutch students, with the other 50% coming from a myriad of international cities. As a student, you will have the opportunity to meet other students from all over the globe, experiencing fascinating different cultures and lifestyles.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

The Hogeschool Rotterdam is one of the Applied Sciences’ two universities in the city of Rotterdam. To the western area of the city is the Hogeschool’s main campus.


You can expect a wide range of programs at the Hogeschool, with a host of different programs. These include Education, Economics, Nursery, Behavioural Sciences, Health Sciences, Media and ICT, along with numerous technical offerings.

How to Get There

Spread across 15 different locations throughout Rotterdam, you may want to take special notice of where all of the faculties are located. Getting from campus to campus can be simple with a bike, or you can also choose to take the metro for faster service and on rainy days.

Codarts Rotterdam

Codarts is the University of the Arts in Rotterdam. Codarts offers a wide range of programs in dance, music and circus disciplines.


Codarts’ disciplines are focused on musical education, dance and circus arts. Within music you can find courses in Jazz, World Music, Pop and Classical Music all as bachelor’s degrees. Within all three disciplines you can also also do a Master of Choreography degree.

How to Get There

Codarts has a very central location in Rotterdam. It is located within walking distance of Rotterdam Central Station. To get here you can either take the train to Central Station or the metro to Stadhuis (line D). Being close to the city centre, you can find the Doelen theater, Pathe Cinema and several shops in the neighborhood.

Hogeschool InHolland

Hogeschool InHolland is one of the two universities of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam. InHolland is a chain of universities that has several schools scattered across rest of the Netherlands.


InHolland offers a host of programs, including aeronautical engineering, electronics, mathematics and many more. Check out the full overview of all the programs if you want to see what else is available.

How to Get There

The main campus of InHolland is located in the south, close to the Erasmus bridge. The nearest metro stop is Wilhelminaplein (Kop van Zuid) which is a few minutes’ walk away. Keep in mind that the only metro line that crosses this station is the D (blue) line. When you come by train from Rotterdam Central Station this is perfect, but if you come from Schiedam you’ll have to change lines at Beurs.

Universities of Applied Sciences don’t generally have closed-campuses, but those in Rotterdam are right by the centre so you’ve got plenty going on.

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Student Associations

Every faculty will have its own student association, and during your induction days you are sure to hear from them.

To help build up a network of friends while studying, it’s definitely worth having a look into which associations are affiliated with your program. The idea behind these study associations is to get to know other students in a friendly, relaxed environment, as well as getting practical experience in other activities away from your books. And if you have a strong opinion on how the course is run (or anything else, really) then your voice can be heard.

The student association will also be there for you to answer yur questions about things to do and places to go in Rotterdam.

All of those things, and there are also drinks nights, dinners and a bunch of other social events you may not want to miss!

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