Tips and Tricks for Newcomers in Paris!

Athena Barris

Updated on Apr 04 • 4 minute read

If you've just arrived in Paris, or if you are about to come to the French Capital soon, there're a few things that you need to know, to enjoy the best experience possible in Paris. Here's a list of top tips that will help you feel like a real Parisian, and hopefully will help you in your daily life!

1. The right application

Now more than ever, smartphones and application have a huge place in our daily life. To be fully prepared for any problem, or to answer to any of your needs, there are a few application that we recommend you to install; they may reveal themselves very useful:

Uber / Heetch / G7 application: transportation / taxi Uber eats / Deliveroo / foodora / Foodchéri: Food / Restaurant / Delivery Wespot / Runtastic / Fizzup / Geovélo: Sport / Workout Ratp: public transportation / itinerary Deezer / Spotify / Soundcloud: Music Google Maps / Here we go / Waze: Map / itinerary

2. Where and when to visit

As you already know, Paris is a city full of touristic places, museums, and monuments. During holidays most of these places will be crowded, but there a few things to know that can help you improve your tourist experience:

Free museums:

You should know that on the first Sunday of every month Public museums are entirely free to visit (except for the temporary exhibition). It is a great occasion to have free access to them. Christmas: Christmas is an excellent time to visit Paris, there are a lot of Christmas markets popping up here and there in the city, for you to buy delicious food and gifts. If you are lucky, you may also see some snow in the capital!

Music festivals:

During spring and summer, and especially between June and August, there will be a ton of music-related events in Paris, there are festivals for any music genre that you can attend to, and it will be a great occasion to see famous bands, and to socialize with French people (make sure you pick up some French first through the best apps to learn French!)

Asian architecture:

As surprising as it may sounds, there are a few asian architectures that you can visit in Paris, the most famous one is the “pagoda,” in the 8th arrondissement, which is a huge Chinese house in the middle of Haussmannian buildings. There are also two Buddhist temples in the “Parc de Vincennes” that you can visit. The perfect time to visit: If you want to visit Paris, without being surrounded by thousands of tourist all day, we advise you to come during Spring, or during the beginning of Autumn. The weather is still nice, and the touristic places a bit easier to access.

3. Security

Sadly, the French Capital is also known for its theft, and most of the time, it's the tourists that are targeted by pickpockets. So here are a few pieces of advice that we highly recommend you to follow:

Minimize Cash:

It may seem obvious, but a lot of tourists are walking around in Paris with a lot of cash. Try to take only the necessary, and if possible, to pay with your credit card, it will reduce for you to get something stolen.


In the public transportation, and in crowded areas, we recommend you keep your phone in your pocket, and to protect your bag, these places are the best spots for pickpockets in Paris because it’s easy for them to disappear.

Scams and gambling games:

In Paris, some people may try to approach you to make you sign some documents, it can sometimes be association looking for donations, but it can also be a fake association that will keep your money. Also, if you see any gambling games in the street, avoid it, some tourists still fall for it, but these games are rigged or fake, and they are of course illegal.

4. Shopping

There are many different spots in Paris where you can go for some shopping, depending on your needs and what you want to buy:

Opéra / Madeleine:

This neighborhood is famous for its luxury, and fashion stores. You will find the Galerie Lafayette and Printemps in this area, and many others renowned fashion store.


For a more general and cheaper shopping experience, you can go to the district of Châtelet les Halles, with a big shopping mall called “forum les Halles”, you should be able to find anything you want there. There also a lot of sneakers store in this area, and some thrift shop too.

Champs Elysées:

And of course, how can we talk about shopping in Paris, without recommending you its most famous place? The Champs Elysées are not only a great place to visit, there are also known for shopping, there you will find big luxury brands, but also big sportswear stores like Nike or Adidas.

5. Explore

If you are going to visit the French capital, you probably already know every monument, and every museum that you will visit, but there are many ways to explore the french capital:

Bateaux Mouche:

Bateaux mouches are the traditional flat boats used to visit Paris, it can be very convenient for tourists, because you have a large number of monuments and ancient architecture along the river Seine, so it can allow you to optimize your schedule.


you can find a lot of bicycle station all over Paris, and for only a few euros per hour, you can use them to visit the city, it can be a very good way to enjoy Paris and to move somewhere, without taking the subway. It’s also a great experience during the night.


Many foreigners don’t realize that the city of Paris is pretty small, and you can go from one side to the other in about 3 or 4 hours. So if you want to enjoy some fresh air during summer, don’t hesitate to walk around the city, you will be surprised of how quick you can walk from one place to another!

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