Living in Paris: An Expat City Guide

Avoid these 4 areas in Paris

The capital of France and the city of lights is a magnificent place to live. But as with any major city, there are some places to avoid in Paris to be safe. Discover which neighborhoods aren't safe before you sign your rental contract.

Avoid these areas

Is it expensive to live in Paris?

The high quality of life, endless job opportunities, top universities, and many other advantages of Paris make it the 2nd most expensive city in terms of cost of living. But do not be afraid; you can plan your budget well by determining your rent, transportation, food and other expenses.

Discover your expenses

How to use public transport in Paris smoothly

If you're planning to live in Paris, it's time to get familiar with your daily commute. Find out the best way to get around Paris using the different public transport options, how to use them and save costs using a monthly travel card.

Public transport options

Where to live in Paris as a student

Are you going to study in Paris? Discover the dynamic, young, safe neighborhoods to find your future home without breaking the bank in the French capital.

Discover the student neighborhoods

The ultimate guide to the nightlife in Paris

Paris nightlife is fun, vibrant, and glamorous. Discover the nightlife areas scattered across the city where you can chat over drinks or welcome the sung on the dance floor.

Where to Party in Paris