The Ultimate Guide to the Nightlife in Paris


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Known as the city of lights, Paris flourishes at night. To make the most out of it, however, you must know where the hotspots of Paris’ nightlife are.

Whether you're looking for a quiet bar to have a conversation or want to party until the sun comes up, this guide will help you find the right spot for your mood and your style.

So put on your best outfit and get ready to explore all that Paris has to offer after dark!

The top nightlife areas in Paris

Paris is known for its legendary clubs and bars. But the main question is where should you go to experience the best nightlife in the city?

Unlike in other major European cities, the nightlife areas in Paris are scattered across the city instead of being concentrated around the city center.

Here’s a list of our suggestions for the areas you should check out:

  • Le Marais is one of Paris’ historic party areas. Nowadays, Le Marais caters to a wide range of partygoers, the majority of whom identify as LGBTQ+. There're numerous gay clubs, lesbian pubs, and queer-friendly cafes, all of which are guaranteed to provide some of Europe's craziest experiences.

  • Pigalle is another great party destination. The area was once the city's official Red Light District but today is a long stretch of pubs, restaurants and theaters. This district is also the location of Paris' renowned Moulin Rouge cabaret.

  • Belleville is the place to be if you find the cost of living in Paris high and are looking for a night out that won’t break the bank. This very artistic district is in the far east of Paris and both food and alcohol are reasonably priced. Here, you can expect to find the crowd mingling on the sidewalks at the start of the night, giving the area a true bohemian vibe. As the night pans out, the crowd shifts to the surrounding dirty dive bars and live music venues.

  • Bastille is popular among partygoers in Paris as the area is filled with a wide variety of venues that cater to every taste — you’ll find live band performances, jazz and techno clubs, and even Latino dance venues. If you’re lucky, you’ll even come across some of the underground funk events that take place throughout the Bastille district.

Whichever district you take your party spirit to, you can count on the night busses in Paris to drive you home at the end of the night.

If you're a frequent partygoer, consider searching for a long-term apartment rentals in Paris close to the nightlife spots that you found most enjoyable.

The best cocktail bars in Paris

There’s no shortage of amazing cocktail bars in Paris. The ones that made the top of our list are:

  • The Broken Arm, located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, is a popular spot for both locals and tourists alike. The bar has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind after a long day. The menu features a wide variety of drinks, including both classic and creative mixes.

  • The Bar at The Ritz Paris is the place to be if you're looking for a more upscale cocktail experience. This iconic bar is known for its luxurious decor and impeccable service. The cocktail menu features both classic and signature drinks, making it the perfect place to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail or nightcap.

  • Le Syndicat is another top location where you can get a unique cocktail experience. This popular speakeasy is located in an underground cellar (just like during the prohibition!) and features a menu of creative cocktails made with unique ingredients. The bartenders are also happy to customize drinks to suit your taste.

  • Bisou is the place to be if you’re looking to observe a mixologist master at work. There's no menu but the bar’s mixologist, Nicolas, is there to give you a run-down of the options and will even spin up a cocktail to suit your fancy with just a word in the correct direction. The cocktails are spectacular, and even better, Bisou takes a sustainable approach by using only locally sourced and 100% organic fruit.

The best nightclubs in Paris

From trendy clubs to underground venues, we’ve compiled a list of the hottest venues in Paris for a night out on the town. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to explore our top club picks in the city:

  • La Station at Gare des Mines is an excellent spot for fans of the harsher styles of music. This experimental clubbing location, tucked inside an old coal station just beyond the Périph', offers visitors a choice of numerous stages inside and out and functions as an exhibition space by day. The program, arranged by Collectif MU, includes anything from disco through straight-up techno and all the way to hardcore punk.

  • The Rex Club, nestled under the historic Grand Rex cinema, has an established reputation as one of the hotspots for electronic music for the past 30 years. The club, an early habitat of French pioneers such as Laurent Garnier and Daft Punk, continues to host some of the city's top evenings. Want to be completely immersed in the sound? That is unavoidable with a high-quality 70-speaker system.

  • The Petit Bain club is yet another spot to dance the night away. This picturesque location on the Seine in Paris's south-east includes a restaurant, rooftop bar, and 450-capacity music venue all in one. The concerts you can expect to see here include live rock and metal, experimental electronic music, and reggae. There're also regular club nights which are known as some of the most eclectic in Paris.

  • La Bellevilloise may be the smallest venue on our list but it definitely has the potential to knock the air out of you. La Bellevilloise's varied lineup, including hip-hop, soul, funk and jazz, is sure to please your boogie needs and you'll undoubtedly be dancing until dawn. The venue typically hosts its live events during the earlier parts of the night and transforms into a club after 23:00. Make sure to visit La Bellevilloise during the “Classics Only” event night if you’re looking to quench your thirst for the best pre-2000s classics.

The best bars in Paris

Paris is known for its amazing bars, so you definitely won't want to miss out on them when living in the city! Whether you're looking for a trendy bar to dance the night away or a cozy bar where you can relax with friends, we've got you covered:

  • Billili is a great spot that doubles as a wine bar and one of the best bistros in the city. With its simple central bar set up and giant windows looking out to the street, Billili can easily fool you into thinking that it’s just a simple bar. However, the menu defies first impressions. On top of that, the wine list, which has been expertly chosen by the resident sommelier Tristan, is specifically tailored to the food offering of the day. There're no reservations — it’s first-come, first served.

  • L’Avant Comptoir du Marché is a much-hyped bar-restaurant owned by Yves Camdeborde, one of the most famous French chefs. This a great wine bar that serves all types of mouth-watering dishes. There're pigs on the walls, a flying pig hanging from the ceiling and pots of grease on the counter, all of which serve to convey 1 message — pork takes the center stage here. And if the mouth-watering dishes weren’t enough, L’Avant Comptoir du Marché takes it a step further with a great wine selection. You certainly won’t regret spending a whole evening chilling with your friends here.

  • 10 BAR Odéon has been perfecting its sangria recipe since 1955, making it the ideal bar to go to if you want to switch your usual evening drink up. 10 BAR Odéon’s offering is affordable and the only downside of this amazing bar is that you can only pay in cash.

  • Taqueria & Hidden Bar is the most famous place in Paris to get authentic Mexican food. Once inside, you’ll find the taqueria at the front and you've to find the backdoor that leads to the Hidden bar. The atmosphere here is intimate and the drink selection is among the best in the city.

Now that you’ve an overview of the nightlife in Paris, the only thing left for you to do is start the process of moving to France and experience the eclectic Parisian nightlife.

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