Universities in Madrid

Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)

UCM is one of the oldest universities in the world. Though it has changed immeasurably over the years, the original Studium Generale was founded in 1293. There are undergraduate programmes in the Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Science and the Social Sciences. It boasts over 86,000 students and is one of the country’s top institutions.

Its sprawling campus covers an entire district of Madrid, but since it has various campuses, you’ll need to check where your classes are before going! Luckily the university provides a description of the different campus locations so you can avoid the trouble of looking yourself ;)

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC)

Located in the south of the Community of Madrid, King Juan Carlos University is a Spanish public research university. It has four different campuses at multiple locations: Vicálvaro, Móstoles, Alcorcón and Fuenlabrada.

Founded in 1996, it was named after King Juan Carlos I of Spain. Its Latin motto is “Non nova, sed nove” (Not new things, but in a new way).

It is the second largest, as well as the second newest, public university within the Community of Madrid, with nearly 38,000 students. URJC is one of eight other universities in the area.

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, cleverly abbreviated to UC3M, is a school which boasts particular excellence in business and economics, while also offering Law, Accountancy, Journalism and a range of other bachelor’s degrees and beyond. Even better news might be that one fifth of the entire student body is made up of international students, so you’ll have plenty of fellow foreigners to enjoy your time with!

There are 4 separate UC3M campuses, so make sure you check where yours is before you apply! Some are a fair distance from the city centre, meaning that you’ll probably have to use the Madrid public transport to get there. Most students prefer to find accommodation near the university, so this should also be consideration when looking for an apartment.

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

With a little over 30,000 students, it’s not the behemoth of UCM, but it’s still a huge university with an array of subjects that will cater to virtually all prospective students. From Medicine, to Engineering, Psychology and Philosophy, it really is varied. Check out the full range of UAM courses to see which classes work best for you.

Other than the faculty of medicine, the Cantoblanco campus is where virtually all Universidad Autónoma de Madrid classes take place. It is a closed campus about 15km north of Madrid, so many students choose to live there and simply commute into town whenever they want to. It was initially designed to be an independent, self-sustaining area, where the students could be responsible for their own learning - and that’s exactly what it is, and part of why it is so academically successful!

Politécnica de Madrid

Commonly known as the Madrid Technical University in English, this is the country’s premier technical institution. Virtually every faculty is among the best in Europe, so if you have an interest in any form of engineering, science or technology, then check out the full range of degree programmes offered by the university and see if yours is among them.

Information about Los Centros y Campus Universitarios (the buildings and campuses) is on the website, which will help you find your way around. The Politecnica de Madrid truly is one of Europe's finest technical universities, so if you want to spend a year living in Spain, you seriously cannot do any better!

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