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Expat families and students who want to move to The Netherlands are drawn to Maastricht because it has a relatively cheaper cost of living compared to other Dutch cities such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Located in the South of The Netherlands, Maastricht is a city for those who want to experience an affordable lifestyle full of fun experiences, good food, and extravagance. The city draws people due to its strategic position in Europe, its international and youthful community, its historic squares, artistic corners, culinary delights, and its nature that stands out from the rest of The Netherlands. What’s not to love about Maastricht?

If you’re planning to move to Maastricht, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the cost of living in Maastricht. Below you can find out the realistic living expenses in Maastricht for students, working expats, and families based on rent, utilities, groceries, restaurants, public transport, leisure, insurance, education, and childcare costs.

Maastricht cost of living: Budget-friendly or expensive?

Living in Maastricht is a great decision for those who want to stretch their budget. With an average monthly gross salary of €2,816 and an average living cost of €1,200, you’ll be able to live comfortably in Maastricht.

Rent costs in Maastricht

Living in Maastricht will save you money on the biggest expense per month- rent. Based on the HousingAnywhere Rent Index, the rent in Maastricht is lower than in the Dutch capital. Which is why plenty of internationals choose to live in smaller cities like Maastricht after exploring homes for rent in Amsterdam or after searching for Rotterdam's houses for rent.

Type of AccommodationRental Price
Room (furnished)€500
Studio (furnished)€780
1 bedroom Apartment (unfurnished)€1,000

Utility costs

Utility bills in Maastricht will cost you €403 per month on average.

TypeAverage Cost
Basic (Electricity, Water, Heating, Garbage)€330
Mobile (unlimited calling + data)€26.50

Food costs

The average monthly cost of doing groceries in Maastricht is €250.

If you shop at local weekly markets, your monthly expenses could be lower. If you shop for international products or organic and biological products, your costs will be more than the average.

TypeAverage Cost
Water (1.5 l)€0.69
Milk (1 l)€1.14
Wine (mid-range)€5.99
Local beer (0.5 l)€1.36
Apples (1 kg)€1.81
Bananas (1 kg)€2.16
Onions (1 kg)€1.59
Bread loaf€1.85
Rice (1 kg)€2.96
Eggs (12)€3.79
Chicken filet (1 kg)€14.47
Beef steak (1 kg)€14.99

Restaurant costs

Maastricht has a reputation for being the culinary capital of The Netherlands. At every corner, you’ll be caught up in the aromas of the cafes, bakeries, and restaurants. Luckily, you don’t need to have a lot to enjoy a lot in Maastricht. Given Maastricht’s reputation as a student city, dining out costs are generally not too high.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy a fancy meal once in a while. Maastricht also has a few Michelin Star restaurants to serve your palette some high-quality, delicious tastes.

Once in Maastricht, you have to try the famous Limburgse Vlaai (pie) and head over to the unique vineyards to try the local wines.

Dining in MaastrichtAverage Cost
Pint of beer€6
Glass of wine€5.50
Inexpensive meal for 2€31
Fastfood meal€12
Meal (mid-range restaurant)€30

Public transport costs

Due to the city’s small size and top-notch infrastructure, Maastricht is known to be a walking and bike-friendly city.

You can easily rent a shared bicycle in the city. The OV public transport bicycles cost €3.95 per ride for up to 24 hours of usage. Alternatively, you can use Arriva’s shared bikes which costs €1.00 for the first 30 minutes and €9.00 for a whole day.

You can also use Arriva busses within Maastricht or De Lijn or TEC busses to and from Belgium. A one-way travel ticket within Maastricht will cost you €3.75. If you plan to use the busses more frequently, you can opt for the discount subscription plans offered by Arriva.

For longer distances, travelling by train is the quickest and most efficient way.

If you need to use public transport frequently, get a personalised OV chipkaart that lets you use any public transport across The Netherlands. The card costs €7.50 or is free if you add an annual season ticket at the time of purchase.

To enjoy discounts on your train travel costs, pick an annual or monthly season ticket that matches your frequency and time of travel.

Season TicketBenefit
Weekend Voordeel40% discount (weekends, public holidays)
Weekend VrijUnlimited travel (weekends, public holidays)
Dal Voordeel40% discount (off-peak hours, weekends, public holidays)
Dal VrijUnlimited travel (off-peak hours, weekends, public holidays)

You can even use your OV chipkaart to travel within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine region and visit Aachen in Germany in under an hour.

Leisure costs

There's plenty to do in Maastricht and the entire Limburg region in general. On any given day, you can indulge yourself at one of the many restaurants, enjoy a comedy or live music night at one of the bars, visit the cinema or the museums, and much more!

In the summers, you can cycle to the many vineyards and taste some local wines and produce. In winter too there're various festive occassions, such as the famous Carnival, Sinterklaas or the magical Maastricht Christmas market.

Leisure ActivityAverage Cost
Cinema Ticket€11
Gym Membership€35
Museum Ticket€20

Insurance costs

If you want to live in Maastricht while studying or working_, you need to get mandatory health insurance. All working expats or interns need to take out basic Dutch public health insurance. This health insurance will cost you approximately €132 per month.

International students need to take out private health insurance during their stay. The costs can differ based on where you come from, any pre-existing conditions, how long you need it for, etc. But on average, this can cost anywhere between €90 - €150 per month.

Education costs

If you’re an EU/EEA student, then your tuition costs for a regular full-time degree in Maastricht will cost you €2,530. For a regular part-time degree, this will cost you €1,572 per year.

International students in Maastricht need to pay between €9,000 and €20,000 for a regular Bachelor’s degree and between €12,000 and €30,000 for a regular Master’s degree.

The cost of living for students in Maastricht also includes costs for any study materials. On average, students should budget €250 a year for study materials.

Expat parents who’ve got a school going child can save a lot of money by sending their children to a Dutch public school. You’ll only need to pay approximately €150 per year at Dutch public schools for study materials and administration fees. If you want to send your child to an international school in Maastricht, be prepared to pay €5,940 on average per year, or €495 per month.

Childcare costs

Expats in The Netherlands can send their children to daycare.

The cost of a private daycare/pre-school in Maastricht is approximately €1170 per month per child. However, expats are also eligible for a government subsidy to cover these costs. With the subsidy, you could be paying as low as €338 per month per child.

How much does it cost to live in Maastricht?

The average monthly cost of living in Maastricht is €1,194 for a single person, €1,382 for a couple, €2,660 for a family of 3, and €960 for an international student (without tuition fees).

Want to live in this beautiful and affordable Dutch town? Discover rental homes in Maastricht and start the next chapter of your life today!

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