What is zorgtoeslag? Guide to getting healthcare allowance

Discover what’s zorgtoeslag, how to apply, and who is eligible for healthcare benefits in the Netherlands.


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29 May 2024

Zorgtoeslag is a healthcare allowance in the Netherlands which aims to help people with lower income cover their health insurance costs. As health insurance in the Netherlands is covered in full by the residents, the zorgtoeslag is designed to keep healthcare affordable. In this article, we will explain who is eligible for healthcare benefits, how to apply for zorgtoeslag, and how much you can be reimbursed.

Who can receive a healthcare allowance in the Netherlands?

One of the pros of living in the Netherlands are the great social benefits available to all residents. To receive a healthcare allowance in the Netherlands, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You have Dutch health insurance
  • You’re older than 18 years
  • You have an EU/EEA/Swiss nationality or a valid Dutch residence/work permit.
  • Your income is below the threshold (see below)
  • Your personal assets don’t exceed €140,213 annually

People with an annual income is lower than €37,496 are eligible for zorgtoeslag. If you have a fiscal partner (toeslagpartner), e.g., you’re married, your and your partner's collective income can’t be higher than €46,368 per year to be eligible for zorgtoeslag.

Additionally, if you have assets like stocks, savings, and real estate, your total assets can’t exceed €140,213 annually if you don’t have a toeslagpartner. If you have a fiscal partner, your collective assets should be less than €177,301 annually.

If you’re studying in the Netherlands, you can receive a healthcare allowance only if you have Dutch health insurance. So, if you’re working part-time or doing an internship, you can apply for zorgtoeslag. Otherwise, you continue being insured in your home country.

You receive your healthcare allowance around the 20th of each month.

How much is the healthcare allowance in the Netherlands?

The exact amount of your healthcare allowance depends on your income and whether you have a fiscal partner. In 2024, you can be reimbursed between €7 and €123 monthly if you don’t have a fiscal partner. Below is a breakdown of the benefits allowance based on your income and benefit partner.

If you have a fiscal partner, your total zorgtoeslag is between €6 and €236 monthly. Below, you can see the income brackets for couples. You can find out which bracket you fit by combining both incomes.

A good thing to know is that the zorgtoeslag amount doesn’t change based on the cost of your health insurance. So, if you have a higher premium, you won’t be reimbursed more, and you’ll have to cover the larger part yourself, which can increase your cost of living in the Netherlands.

Tip: You can use the healthcare benefits calculator (in Dutch) to see exactly how much your allowance will be.

How to apply for healthcare allowance in the Netherlands

Applying for healthcare allowance in the Netherlands is pretty simple. You can apply in person at the local tax office or online. If you’re applying at the local tax office, call the tax information line (0800-0543) to make an appointment.

You can apply online via Mijn Toeslagen (My allowances) on the Dutch tax authorities website. You need to log in through your DigiD. Once log in, you’ll see the 4 social benefits you can receive in the Netherlands. This is how you apply for healthcare allowance in the Netherlands:

  1. Choose the first option (Zorgtoeslag) to start applying.
  2. Once the page loads, you’ll see a drop-down menu asking which fiscal year you submit information for. Choose 2024.
  3. Fill out your income for 2024 in the little box (if you don’t know your income, you can calculate it with the tool listed above)
  4. You’ll then be asked several questions about your personal information, like whether you’re living alone or with your partner.
  5. Submit the form
  6. Wait for the confirmation and see how much your allowance for 2024

You’ll receive a letter confirming your healthcare allowance by email and in your Berichtenbox on MijnOverheid if you’ve already activated it.

Did you have Dutch health insurance in 2023? You can apply for last year’s healthcare allowance before September 1st, 2024.

Keep in mind that the Mijn Toeslagen website and the zorgtoeslag forms are in Dutch. We suggest you apply for a healthcare allowance through a web browser with a translation function like Chrome or Safari to make it easier for yourself.

Now that you know everything about healthcare allowances in the Netherlands, it’s time to start applying for yours.

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