Cost of living in Maastricht

In 2002, the Euro was introduced, which caused the cost of living in the Netherlands to increase. If you want to get a good idea of what you may need to budget for each month, add up your housing rent in Maastricht, insurance and your personal expenses, which typically include food, transportation, clothing and books. Most students tend to pay between €800 and €1100.

Housing and food costs

As you’ve already read, private rooms in Maastricht typically cost between €350 and €700 every month, with the price varying by location and amenities. Food is something that can provide a great deal of variety. If you eat at home, you can save a lot of money, especially if you’re sharing the cost with a roommate.

Additionally, many of the universities offer meals at budget-friendly prices. There are also several affordable cafes.

Here are a few average prices in Maastricht:

  • Basic meal during lunch: €8 - €12
  • Fast food meal: €7
  • A local beer: €2,50 - €4
  • Coffee or tea: €2
  • Cinema ticket: €10
  • Sandwich: €3 - €5

Supermarkets typically have a lot of different brands for the same items, so be sure to compare to save the most money possible. An even more inexpensive way to shop is to visit one of the open-air markets.

Transportation costs

The Dutch people are known for their love of cycling, and Maastricht is no exception. Try to purchase a bike as soon as you arrive, as it is the cheapest and easiest method of transportation. You can usually come across a second-hand bike between €40 and €100 if you look around on Facebook. You might also want to try a second-hand shop.

Maastricht’s public transportation system is inexpensive when compared to other countries in Europe. The Netherlands uses a public transport card - OV-chipkaart, which can be utilized on trains, metros, trams and buses. You can also get a discount card for trains to other cities, saving up to 40% during off-peak times.

Try not to use a taxi in Maastricht, unless it’s necessary. Instead, opt for Uber, which also operates in the area.

What else?

Students are often offered discounts at many places throughout the city, including museums, cultural sites, restaurants and bars. You will generally need to show your student identification card to receive the savings.

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