How to find a job in Málaga

Discover the job opportunities in Málaga. Get tips on where to start your search and how to land a job even without speaking Spanish!


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Updated on 27 Jul 2023

Málaga's a fantastic place to work as an expat. Not only is Málaga the 4th most prominent economy in Spain, it also offers a less competitive job landscape than popular Madrid or Barcelona. Besides, the city has fantastic weather, a strong expat community, and a vibrant nightlife for the work hard and play hard lifestyle.

Find out how you can get a job in Málaga and how much you can earn, even if the only Spanish you speak is limited to por favor and gracias.

Job opportunities in Málaga

Most expats find a job in one of Málaga’s prominent industries:

  • Tourism- Around 82% of Málaga’s income comes from the tourism and service sector.
  • Technology- The more than 646 companies concentrated in the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía and Polo Digital offer jobs for software engineers, project managers, sales personnel, data analysts, etc.
  • Construction- Due to the growing economy, there’s a high demand for residential, office, and retail properties.
  • Logistic- Logistics and transportation are significant to the city as Málaga is home to Spain’s second-largest port.

Although Málaga has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, it has fallen majorly since the pandemic. So there’s growing hope for more job openings in 2023.

Is it hard to get a job in Malaga?

How fast or easy you’ll find work will depend on your experience, language skills and educational background.

In general, finding a job in Málaga can be difficult due to the unemployment rate of 19% and if you’re applying for jobs in the highly popular industries, such as tourism and service. However, if you’re coming in as a highly-skilled migrant worker or you’re someone who knows Spanish, you can find a job fairly easily.

Your nationality will also affect how easily and quickly you’ll land a job. There’re more rules and documentation for non-EU citizens, such as work visa requirements, salary requirements or the requirement to apply for jobs that are on the shortage list. So If you’re a non-EU citizen, your chances of getting a job (especially low-paid) are more complicated than EU citizens.

Where to search for a job?

There’re 3 main ways to look for jobs in Málaga:

  1. Using online networking sites- Many local and international companies post their vacancies on popular networking sites such as LinkedIn,,, and Educajob.

  2. Keep an eye on social media- Companies or local establishments often post about vacancies on their social media channels. Alternatively, join expat Facebook groups as they sometimes advertise vacancies. You can also ask for help from fellow expats in these groups.

  3. Register at local job agencies- Job agencies have a long professional relationship with many companies, increasing your likelihood of landing a job.

A nice tip to not forget, even if you’re applying for a job in English, is to speak a few words in Spanish. This will show your eagerness to learn and potentially increase your chances. But don’t go overboard; you don’t want to make a false impression.

What are the top cities near Málaga with English jobs?

One of the many best advantages of living in Málaga's its close proximity to nearby cities with lots of English-speaking expats. So you can also look for jobs in nearby cities.

Torremolinos, one of the first towns where British expats settled is only a few kilometers away from Málaga. If you find a job on one of its busy beaches, you’ll be a short train or car ride away.

Marbella's another great option for those who want to work in the Fashion sector but live in Málaga. It’s a hot spot for many affluent families during the summer, which creates many part-time job opportunities. Another bonus if you're on a tight budget's that finding houses for rent in Málaga which are affordable is easier than in Marbella. Estepona's a coastal town close to both Málaga and the British overseas territory Gibraltar. Many British expats choose to work from Estepona.

Look for English-speaking jobs at an international company

Málaga's home to many big international companies like Fujitsu Spain, Oracle Corporation and Huawei. Unicaja, the largest bank in Andalusia, is also located here. As a result, many jobs are available for expats in tech and business, even if they don’t speak Spanish.

If you dream of working on the international scene, your chances of finding a job in Málaga might be even better than in Valencia or Madrid. Sure they’re bigger cities, but they also attract more people, creating fiercer competition. What's more you'll have to explore houses for rent near Valencia or Madrid to find a more affordable option.

Job opportunities for English speakers with no experience

Thanks to its hot climate and beautiful resorts, summers in Málaga are popular among many tourists. Not surprisingly, tourism's one of the driving forces behind Málaga’s economy. You’ll find plenty of jobs at hotels, restaurants, bars and resorts. If you have a certificate in any watersports (surf, windsurfing), you can even work as an instructor.

Pros of this are that it creates many job opportunities, especially for those with less working experience and no or poor Spanish skills. But the cons are that these jobs will be seasonal from May to September and are only an option for EU citizens who don’t need visa or work authorisation.

If the tourism or service industry isn't for you, you’ve other options, such as a sample preparer, customer service agent, driver, delivery person, or nanny.

You could also teach English at the many language schools in Málaga if you’ve got the necessary accreditations.

How much will I earn in Málaga?

How much you’ll earn will depend on your education and experience. The minimum wage for a full-time job in Málaga is €1,166.7 per month as of 2022. Below you can find a list of popular professions and their average salaries.

Job TitleAverage salary in Málaga
IT Manager€3,000
Product Manager€3,000
Chemical Engineer€4,072
Marketing Manager€2,660

Start applying!

Now that you know where and how to look for a job, it’s time for you to start the whole process!

If you’re an EU citizen, congratulations! After finding a job, the main thing you need is to obtain a tax number (the NIE number) so you can start working. The NIE number allows you to open a bank account, receive your salary and handle other financial matters.

If you’re a non-EU citizen, you’ve to first go through the work permit process. Once you’ve received an offer from the company, your employer has to apply for work authorization on your behalf. The entire process can take up to 8 months. Once the labor office approves your work visa, you can make your way to Spain and start working.

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