Málaga Nightlife: An ultimate guide to the best clubs and bars in Málaga


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Located on the beautiful Mediterranean coast, Málaga has astonishing yellow-sand beaches, an active party scene, many restaurants, and famous resorts.

It's full of young, vibrant, hip people thanks to the many Spanish language schools and one of the largest university campuses in Andalusia. So while crowned “party city” Barcelona has a more tourist-oriented and upscale nightlife, Málaga has a more student-friendly (a.k.a affordable) and laid-back but equally wild nightlife. So whether you prefer chill traditional tapas bars, crazy dance parties in modern clubs, or fancy cocktails, you'll definitely find something for your taste.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the best neighborhoods for partying, the best clubs, the best bars, and the hot spots for the best cocktails in Málaga. So sit tight and get ready for a fun ride!

What's Málaga's nightlife like?

This beautiful port city has everything a young party-goer needs. The streets of the Cultural Capital of the Costa del sol are full of locals and young expats hopping from bar to bar, drinking local Málaga dulce, and enjoying beautiful music. Here, you'll find yourself surrounded by a friendly and laid-back crowd.

The usual night starts with pre-drinking at home. The night continues in one of the many wine cellars, taverns, and trendy tapas bars. Once it's after midnight, it’s officially time to head to the nightclubs.

As a rule of thumb, nightlife in Málaga starts late at night and ends early in the morning. But going home after a wild night out isn't a problem here. Most bars in the centre are within walking distance. And for other party neighborhoods, Málaga has an extensive and cheap public transportation system to get you there quickly and safely.

The best neighborhoods to stay for partying in Málaga

1. Center of Málaga/Centro Histórico

Most night scenes are located in the Center of Málaga, particularly in Plaza de la Merced and Plaza de Uncibay. Clubs and bars are located in almost every charming street and open until 3-4 am.

Most of the bars here're reasonably priced. So many locals and students prefer this neighborhood to party. Tip from us– try to come early if you want to have discounted drinks.

Since the centre of Málaga has many tourist attractions, you’re bound to bump into foreigners of every age from all around the world.

2. La Merced

The birthplace of Picasso, La Merced, is a vibrant district within walking distance from Centro Histórico.

This neighborhood's ideal for picking up some tapas or a beer after ‘botellón’ (pre-drinks) in the square itself. Its famous streets, Calle Carreteria and Calle Alamo, have many famous clubs and discos. And most of the places are open until late at night.

3. La Malagueta

La Malagueta's probably the most crowded beach neighborhood in Málaga. It’s near the port and is the closest to the city centre. Usually, younger audiences choose to party here, and it’s especially popular among tourists during the summer.

La Malagueta has many tapas restaurants, bars, rooftops, and beach bars. Plus, you’ll find most of Málaga's premium clubs in La Malagueta. And do to Málaga’s famous La Malagueta Beach for the wildest parties.

4. El Palo y Pedregalejo

Pedregalejo has the busiest student nightlife in Málaga. This region has everything for young party-goers, from traditional tapas bars to hip clubs. The nearby University of Málaga campus makes it a top destination for students.

This neighborhood's easily accessible from the city center only 20 mins away with public transportation. Buses leave every 12 mins to go to the city center.

5. The Port of Málaga

This neighborhood is located around one of the oldest ports in Spain.

You should head to the Port of Málaga for chill and low-key nights. Even though there's not much variety, you can find nice cocktail bars with a beautiful view.

It’s easily accessible by a shuttle bus or a solar train from the center. Buses run every 15-20 minutes.

The best clubs in Málaga

The most famous club in Málaga - Sala Gold

Sala Gold's one of the busiest and most famous clubs in Málaga. You can't find a day when it's not packed. The inside has a Baroque-style interior with shimmery walls and chandeliers.

Every night has a different theme, and music varies from reggaeton to English and Spanish pop music. For a more exclusive experience, you can enjoy your night at its VIP tables and bars.

  1. Location: Center Of Málaga
  2. Audience: Students, Erasmus students, young locals, tourists
  3. Price: €€
  4. Dress code: No dress code

The best after club - Discoteca Anden

Discoteca Anden's the ultimate after-hours place for everyone's taste. It offers two dance floors with great resident DJs, 4 bars, and 6 VIP sections. They primarily play mainstream music and reggaeton inside.

And after a crazy night, you can easily go home with the nearby public transportation or a taxi.

There's no entrance fee on some nights, so keep an eye on it.

  1. Location: Center Of Málaga, Plaza de Uncibay
  2. Audience: Students, locals of every age
  3. Price: €€
  4. Dress code: No dress code

The best club for house music - Sala Wenge

House music lovers mainly prefer Sala Wenge because of its top resident DJs. If you enjoy dancing, this's a good spot to go since the music is terrific and the atmosphere is hip and relaxed, with the interior stylishly furnished with cool neon lighting.

The club is open until 7:00 am, but it gets crowded quickly. So try to come earlier, especially on weekends.

  1. Location: Center Of Málaga
  2. Audience: Everyone of every age
  3. Price: €€
  4. Dress code: No dress code

The best Bars in Málaga

The best bar for students - ATLANTIC

If you're a student, this is where you should party. Every Friday, Atlantic hosts a party for Erasmus students. So you’ll find yourself among students, jamming to Spanish and International pop music.

  1. Location: Downtown Málaga
  2. Audience: Students, Erasmus students
  3. Price: €

The best tapas bar - La Tranca

La Tranca's often reviewed as the best tapas bar in Málaga. But its renowned tapas aren't the only reason why it's so hard to find a seat in this old-style bar. La Tranca is perfect for enjoying your caña (small beer) or vermut (vermouth) over beautiful Spanish songs.

The interior is designed to enhance the experience of a traditional Spanish bar. And old vinyl-covered walls compliment its laid-back hipster ambiance.

  1. Location: La Merced, Calle Carretería
  2. Audience: Everyone of every age
  3. Price: €

The best cocktail bar - Speakeasy The Pharmacy

The best cocktail bar in Màlaga is the Speakeasy “The Pharmacy.” Thanks to its award-winning bartender and a huge collection of premium cocktails, this bar is also renowned as one of the best cocktail bars in Spain. A quick look at its reviews just confirms it. Plus, jazz music will accompany you while you enjoy the yummy mixture.

  1. Location: Calle García Briz
  2. Audience: Everyone of every age
  3. Price: €€

Picasso's favorite bar in Málaga - Antigua Casa Guardia

Picasso loved the oldest bar in Málaga, and his picture with a tankard on the wall proves it.

Antigua Casa Guardia's an old bodega serving wine from wood barrels. It has a rustic, charismatic atmosphere. So if you want a trip back in time, this's where you should come.

Keep in mind that it's very traditional; hardly anything has changed since its doors opened in 1840. So no seats, no fancy tapas, no chit-chat with the bartender: just a quick shot of dulce before getting on with the day.

Oh, and try to speak some Spanish if you want to catch the bartender's attention.

Fun fact: back in the 1840s, they even got a royal warrant from Queen Isabel II to serve wines.

  1. Location: Alameda Principal
  2. Audience: Mostly locals and tourists
  3. Price: €

The best bar for live music - ZZ bar

ZZ pub's the perfect place for live music in Màlaga. It’s very popular with the young crowd because of the friendly service, a laid-back atmosphere, and reasonably priced drinks.

There's live music every night from almost every genre. Night-out here feels like you're in the living room with close friends while fantastic live music is blasting your ears.

  1. Location: C. Tejón y Rodríguez
  2. Audience: Students
  3. Price: €

Best rooftops bars in Málaga

The best rooftop bar for the younger crowd - La Terraza Oasis

La Terraza Oasis's located on top of Oasis Backpackers' Hostel. It's a chill rooftop bar where young international people gather. There's a live DJ performance on most weekends as well.

And if you're ever here, try their Gin & Tonics and thank us later.

  1. Location: C. San Telmo
  2. Audience: Young tourists
  3. Price: €€

The oldest rooftop in Málaga, Málaga Palacio hotel/ Àtico Bar & Restaurant

Located on the 15th floor of Málaga Palacio hotel, it overlooks a panoramic view of Gibralfaro castle and the Mediterranean sea.

It's the oldest and one of the most premium rooftops in Málaga. It’s rather pricey, and the audience of this rooftop is not that young.

But if you want to treat yourself with fancy delicious cocktails, a romantic setting, and the best view, this place is your final destination.

  1. Location: C. San Telmo
  2. Audience: Working professionals
  3. Price: €€€€

Explore Málaga nightlife yourself

When you live in Málaga, its neighborhoods are full of endless possibilities for an entertaining night out. Plus, it's one of the most affordable cities to live in. So, regardless of which neighbourhood your search for homes for rent in Málaga takes you to, the party is at a hand's reach.

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