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Ljubljana is a compact, fun-filled city that is just perfect for international exchange. Relocating to a new city can be a bit overwhelming, and cities like Paris or Berlin might not fit into your budget. However, if you’re considering a city that might be a little bit easier to get around in, then Ljubljana could be the best option for you.

Plus, Ljubljana can really pack a lot into its city center, and with so many students to entertain, the activities and lists of events are seemingly endless. In fact, Ljubljana is a very popular city with students, even boasting the highest number of international exchanges in the entire country.

When thinking about relocating to Ljubljana, you may have been initially drawn to the world-renowned institution, the University of Ljubljana, offering courses in several world-class fields of study. Yet, a big part of your time abroad will occur outside of the classroom. So, if you’d like to learn more about what to do when night falls in the colorful city of Ljubljana, then be sure to read on!

A Bar for Everyone

Ljubljana turns into a fascinating place when the sun goes down. It offers students a playground full of interesting, vibrant nightlife options to explore. Whether it be to find a new hangout spot to meet some of the locals or to celebrate with your classmates after a long week at the university, there are definitely quite a few options.

1. Cutty Sark Pub:

Nestled a few steps from Presern Square, right in the center of Ljubljana, this pub is the perfect place for beer lovers. And if you’re really up for a long night with a variety of popular music, this pub is hopping on the weekends until at least 3 a.m.

2. As Aperitivo:

If you want a little more sophistication, you can cross the street from the Cutty Sark Pub and find a whole different vibe. You can expect vibrant parties and plenty of exciting events.

3. Cirkus Klub:

Cirkus Klub is definitely one of Ljubljana’s most impressive night spots, drawing in party animals from miles away. Needless to say, this is an extremely popular place for area students. Patrons can expect blaring house music, filled with electronic, pop, rock and hip-hop beats, spun by a long list of international DJs. It also hosts VIP parties for those involved in fashion, music and media.

4. Top Six:

This club has one of the best locations in all of Ljubljana, perched on the sixth floor of the NAMA building. Visitors access the club via a memorable ride up in a glass elevator. You can expect a huge student clientele, reveling in the themed nights and the steady lineup of live music from both regional and national performers.

5. Metelkova:

Metelkova might very well be one of the unique entertainment complexes that you can ever hope to experience. Its humble beginnings in an old army barracks, once the headquarters of the Yugoslav National Army, soon grew to become one of the most well-known attractions in all of Ljubljana. This center is home to a number of different clubs, all with their own niche, offering concerts, special themed nights and events hosting DJs from all over the planet. The best nights to visit are on a Friday, Saturday or Monday.

Metelkova also houses art exhibitions, performances and festivals, drawing in students, young professionals and visitors to Ljubljana. You can find colorful graffiti, sculptures and a plethora of artistic installations.

5. Cvetličarna:

This gigantic club and concert venue in Ljubljana can hold up to 2,000 partiers, which occurs quite often during its sold-out events. It also boasts comedy nights, an open-air bar and a calendar full of fun.

Open-air Events

Ljubljana is also known for its amazing open-air events, providing the ideal backdrop for an afternoon or a night out with friends. Some are themed around local foods, while others promote regional and national musical performances, cinematic arts, unique exhibitions and a host of other fantastic things to draw large crowds full of revelers.

1. Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna)

Open Kitchen is an outdoor food market that runs on the weekends all summer long. You can try tasty local foods, which is cooked right in front of you by skilled Slovenian chefs. It’s an excellent place to meet up with friends, plus, entrance is also free!

2. Film Under the Stars

Held the first week in July, Film Under the Stars celebrates cinematic art, just as the name might imply. However, this isn’t your regular old movie festival, as that it is held in the magical Ljubljana Castle’s courtyard. Here you can see some of the best films of the year, also including exciting premieres and upcoming film excerpts.

3. Ljubljana Festival

The Ljubljana Festival has a long history, with 2018 marking its 65th year. This phenomenal event is one of the best cultural festivals of its kind across Europe. You can expect huge crowds and visitors from all over the continent.

4. Ana Desetnica

The Ana Desetnica is another wonderful festival held in Ljubljana during the warm month of July. This international street theatre festival will draw in street artists, clowns, musicians, fire-eaters, circus performers, tightrope walkers, dancers and actors from Slovenia and beyond. You can expect the unexpected, as you watch street art at its finest, played out right in front of you!

Now that you know how to spend your free time in Ljubljana, you’ll need a place to rest! After nights of late parties and the type of special events only known in Ljubljana, you’ll need a relaxing room to go home to. Be sure to work with a trusted rental platform to ensure that you find the perfect place for your studies abroad. Have a wonderful time!

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