Cost of living in Groningen

When you opt to live in Groningen, you’ve made a really smart decision, because this means that you’ll be able to stretch your money much further than if you lived in pricier parts of the Netherlands, such as Amsterdam or Utrecht. You should definitely set up a budget before you even arrive in Groningen, being sure to add in funds that are needed for your studies and living costs. It can be tough, if not impossible, to arrange for additional funding after you begin your studies.

So, note that you’ll need to budget for:

  • Tuition fees

  • Accommodation costs

  • Living costs, such as food, clothing and entertainment

  • Study costs like books, IT and other essentials

  • Travel and visa costs

  • Extras, such as unexpected expenses

There will also be general costs, minus fees for tuition, each month. Tuition fees can vary, depending on your intended field of study, your nationality and if you have previously obtained the same degree.

Below are average monthly costs, but these can change according to your particular lifestyle:

  • Groceries: €150

  • Rent, including gas, electricity and water: €350 to €500

  • Course materials: €30

  • Insurance: €110

  • Internet/Cable/Telephone: €60

  • Shopping: €60

  • Entertainment: €80

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