Health Insurance in Germany


If you are moving from another nation inside the EU, EEA or from Switzerland, you will be able to use your home health insurance to cover your stay in Germany. You’ll generally need to bring your European Health Insurance Card. If you contact your local health insurance company, they will tell you how to approach your move, and what steps are required to make your insurance valid in Germany. This varies from country to country, hence your need to find out information locally.

If you have a private health insurance program, this may still be recognized in Germany. Note that if you choose to move to Germany with a private insurance company, you cannot switch to a statutory health provider during your stay.

For those without any kind of home health insurance, you can obtain a policy from a German insurer. This will be at a discounted rate due to your status as a student.

Interns and workers

It is now a legal requirement that every person living in Germany have health insurance which covers - as a minimum - necessary hospital and outpatient treatment. You can join the government-regulated public health insurance scheme (better know as GKV), use a private health insurance provider or stay with one of the international insurance providers which are recognized in Germany.

You can also sign up for public health insurance with TK (one of Germany's top provider) click here for a speedy and 100% in English service

It’s worth doing a good amount of research into your options, as you could find yourself paying through the nose when a much better deal was available!

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