How to find English speaking doctors in Berlin


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Finding English-speaking doctors in Berlin is right at the top of every expat's relocation checklist. Especially in light of our current pandemic, it gives you a bit of peace of mind to feel that you can always visit your doctor in Berlin for a check-up. And even beyond a pandemic, everyone needs to make time for a medical check-up at least once a year.

Well, are you wondering how to even start looking for an English-speaking doctor in Berlin? You’ve got our back! We've tracked down the doctors in Berlin for you: from English-speaking gynaecologists to dermatologists.

How to find an English-speaking doctor in Berlin

No matter whether you're fighting a fever all of a sudden and have to get a medical certificate (Krankenschein) for your employee from your doctor in Berlin or you just want to have a routine check-up with your gynaecologist: Having a doctor you trust takes the burden off your shoulders as an expat. After all, if things get really serious, you'd rather go straight to your doctor instead of having to search for one first.

Truth to be told, finding a doctor in Berlin might be quite a challenge - especially if you want to have examinations and diagnoses in English. On the bright side: no other city has fewer language barriers than Berlin!

To find a general practitioner you can simply use Google Maps to find doctors in your area. Too easy? Ok, how about that: There’s a Berlin doctors' portal that has published a database in which you can easily pinpoint a doctor in Berlin in your area: from general practitioners to dermatologists in Berlin or your gynaecologist in Berlin.

Even better: you can not only find all English speaking doctors in Berlin, but you can also even search for them in many other languages from Spanish to Italian or Turkish.

Here's how you can find your English-speaking doctor in Berlin:

  1. Visit the Doctors Berlin Portal
  2. Select the field of study (specialisation) and your city district (Stadtbezirk)
  3. Type in your postcode
  4. Select your language
  5. Press "Search" (Suchen)

The portal will then list all English-speaking doctors you can call. Apart from that, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin has also compiled all doctors in Berlin in a database.

General practitioner Berlin

Would you like to see a specialist (e.g. cardiologist)? Then your general practitioner in Berlin (Hausarzt) will usually refer you to a specialist (Überweisung).

Wondering what's the point of taking that extra step? The General Practitioner usually takes the decision on whether or not you need to be referred to a specialist, thereby assuring that your health insurance will cover the costs of the specialist.

Dentist in Berlin

Doctors in Germany place great value on preventive check-ups, so you should go to the dentist for a check-up once a year. Your dentist in Berlin will then detect any tooth damage at an early stage.

Are you planning to move to Berlin with your entire family? Children need to go to the dentist for an early check-up as soon as all their milk teeth are missing; in other words, at around three years of age. Your dentist in Berlin will then make two more appointments until you are 6 years old. For children between the ages of six and 18, check-ups are scheduled every six months, where the dentist not only examines the child but also educates them about oral and dental hygiene.

On the Doctena page, you will find an English speaking dentist in Berlin.

Gynecologist in Berlin

If you want to go to the dentist or gynaecologist, you do not need a referral from your GP.

The health insurance companies ensure that every woman has access to a gynaecologist where women over the age of 20 are screened annually for cervical cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

On Doctena you can find a filter for all English-speaking Gynecologist in Berlin that is able to treat you in English.

When things get rough: dial the emergency number

Across the EU, the phone number for calling an emergency is the same: 112.

You can call the number from any mobile phone and you’ll typically reach someone who is able to speak English at the other end. Save the number for emergencies just so you don't forget it during an emergency.

Your visit to the doctor

Most of the doctors work with appointments that you can arrange on the phone or in person with the medical assistant in English. As many doctors are overbooked and the next available appointment might be weeks or months in the future, there are additional consultation hours for patients. It is best to arrive early to avoid long waiting times.

Medicine in German: crash course

The doctor's assistant (Arzthelfer/in) will issue you with your medication, fill in your medical certificate and arrange your next appointments. As the medical assistants may not speak English very well, it is worth remembering a sentence or two:

  • Doctor - Arzt
  • GP - Hausarzt
  • Dentist - Zahnarzt
  • Gynecologist - Frauenarzt
  • I need a medical certificate - Ich brauche ein Krankenschein
  • I need an ambulance - Ich brauche einen Krankenwagen
  • I need a hospital - Ich brauche ein Krankenhaus
  • Heart attack - Herzinfarkt
  • Common cold - Erkältung
  • I am sick - Ich bin krank
  • I feel sick - Mir ist schlecht
  • I'm allergic to… - Ich bin allergisch gegen...
  • I have a sore throat - Ich habe Halsschmerzen
  • I have a stomach ache - Ich habe Bauchschmerzen
  • I have a headache - Ich habe Kopfschmerzen
  • I have a toothache - Ich habe Zahnschmerzen

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