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Film dramas flicker across TV screens in Germany, while the news of the day has just been recorded in Cologne's film studios. A creative flair lies over the media landscape and even international companies are tempted to set up business in Cologne - taking English-speaking jobs with them to Cologne.

What's even better, your English-speaking job in Cologne is just a few typed words away!

Cologne is diverse, Cologne is international

It comes as no surprise that expats stumble upon far more English-speaking jobs in Cologne than in other German cities. Almost a quarter of the population of a foreign nationality live in Cologne, in other words:

one in four people has an international background.

You can see for yourself that Cologne is more diverse than most other cities.

And so more and more international companies feel at home in Cologne, creating demand for English-language jobs for international residents.

How to find a job in Cologne

First things first, if you want to land an English-speaking job in Cologne, you have to make your application 'German-compliant' with a few simple touches. Other countries, other customs: German recruiters and headhunters ask their candidates to present themselves in an all-round professional manner. Yes, this includes a photo taken by a photographer as well as a flawless CV and cover letter.

Have the following documents ready for your job application:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of application
  • Reference letters
  • Copy of your diplomas (school, university)
  • Job references
  • Passport photos

Need a few more tips for your job search in Germany? More hints on how to polish up your application portfolio are just a click away.

What industries are the companies in Cologne in?

Cologne is where the creative minds come together: amidst many large media companies (WDR, RTL, N-TV) are film studios, media and communications agencies. But above all, Cologne has also been the heart of commerce and trade for more than 200 years, in fact, it’s the fifth-largest industrial region in Germany.

Much like many German cities, Cologne plays a role in the automotive industry, with Ford choosing Cologne as its European home, and Citroen, Mazda, Renault, Toyota, Volvo and their 130 suppliers opting for the city as well.

A contrast to the creative media landscape is shown by the second industry that has taken root in Cologne: the conservative insurance industry. And so insurance companies like DEVK, DKV, Generali Deutschland, Gothaer, HDI Gerling and AXA feel right at home in Cologne. So, creative or conservative, which suits you?

The top 8 international companies in Cologne

Now it's down to the nitty-gritty: Which international companies in Cologne are opening the doors to English-speaking jobs for expats?

Creative minds will find English-speaking jobs in the media landscape, while those with a thirst for science can take a closer look at biochemical companies, and machine enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in the automotive and aviation industries.

These are the top 8 international companies in Cologne:

1. Lufthansa: With its subsidiary airlines such as SWISS or Eurowings, the Lufthansa Group opens its doors to a wide range of jobs: from the evident jobs of a pilot or flight attendant, you can also quickly climb the career ladder with an English-speaking job as a recruiter, dispatcher, engineer, customer support, marketing or IT project manager.

2. Germanwings: Under the umbrella brand Eurowings, you can get a taste of start-up flair in a large corporation. How about engineering, marketing, sales, user experience, or even in the administrative field at Germanwings?

3. REWE Group: There's more than just food at REWE: as a leading retail and travel company, you'll find a range of English-speaking jobs in eCommerce, Marketing, IT, Finance, Controlling, HR, Logistics, Category Management and Purchasing in Cologne.

4. PricewaterhouseCoopers: At the accountancy firm PwC in Cologne, the mix of sectors works out really well, modernity and tradition are blended with skill. Those who land a job in Cologne, the business hub, will dive into the chemical industry, the media industry or even start-ups.

5. Formel D Group: Have you really made it to Germany if there wasn't at least one company in your area working in the automotive industry? Exactly! Especially in the engineering and IT fields, you can get an English-speaking job at the Formel D Group in Cologne.

6. Argo: Argo places employees for almost ⅔ of all aviation companies and is constantly on the lookout for new team members.

7. Quiagen: With Quiagen you can dive deeper into DNA, RNA and proteins and together find a sample to insights solutions for molecular testing and identify groundbreaking insights.

8. Huawei Technologies: Staying one step ahead with telecommunications? It works at Huawei Technologies!

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