Expats in Cologne: Keep your finger on the pulse of the city


Updated on Mar 18 • 1 minute read

Even for the most experienced globetrotter, it's a never-ending challenge to adjust to a new culture and feel part of the community. Or, to put it simply: to create a real sense of home for yourself as an expat in Cologne.

To save yourself from feeling homesick as an expat in Cologne, try to keep your finger on the pulse of the city. Cologne is a vibrant city where a glass of Kölsch will quickly break the ice between strangers and the people catch you with their joie de vivre.

Let us take you by the hand and show you how to keep your finger on the pulse as an expat in Cologne.

Get yourself out there and find expats in Cologne

The question of whether an experience in a new city feels good or bad comes down to one thing above all else: To how easily you can swap your stranger-to-local state. And what better way to make the transition than to mingle with like-minded people and build up a network of expats in Cologne?

With a support system behind you, you can create your contact points where you can voice all your questions. After all, who understands your situation better than other expats in Cologne?

Lucky for you, you're only a few typed words away from expat communities in Cologne:

Events for expats in Cologne

Luckily, there are plenty of internationals in Cologne, bringing expats from all over the world together to go bar-hopping in Cologne's various neighbourhoods, join sports clubs, discover hiking areas around Cologne or learn languages in tandem - the possibilities are endless.

There's a handful of groups where you can meet new people. Why don’t you take a look around here:

Culture for expats: cinemas and theatres in Cologne

So, how does it feel to be an expat in Cologne? No doubt, a language barrier can quickly give the perception that you can’t go to the cinema as an expat in Cologne without having to sit in the theatre and let the pictures speak for themselves. However, Cologne has a lot of cinemas and theatres that show original films.

Take a look at the cinema programme of these theatres in Cologne:

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