Cost of living in Bologna: What you can expect (2022)


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The cost of living in Italy is lower compared to the EU average. But how does that translate to the price tag of living in Bologna? You'll be happy to know that the cost of living in Bologna is relatively affordable for expats.

To help you budget for your life abroad, we'll give you a break down of the cost of living in Bologna into 4 key areas:

  • Rental prices
  • Food prices
  • Leisure prices
  • Public transport

Is living in Bologna, Italy expensive?

Ultimately, the cost of living in Bologna will depend on your lifestyle and budget. While it's true that Bologna isn’t the cheapest city in Italy, it’s possible to live here and not break the bank– especially if you compare it to other major cities like Rome and Milan.

What is the cost of living in Bologna?

The cost of living in Bologna for a single person is somewhere between €600 and €700 per month excluding rent. With rent, you should budget at least €1,200 for your monthly expenses.

Considering that the average net salary in Bologna is a bit over €2,900 per month, you’ll certainly be able to live here comfortably.

The rental expenses in Bologna

The rental accommodation prices in Bologna are up by 1.6% since the start of 2022.

As per HousingAnywhere’s Rent Index, the average rental prices you’ll have to cover in Bologna are:

Type of AccommodationRental price
Private Room€600

Utilities are another significant expense to consider when living in Bologna. A typical monthly bill for a two-bedroom apartment – including costs for electricity, water, gas, and garbage collection – can be around €160. Internet service is typically an additional €30-€40 per month.

Knowing your tenant rights in Italy can make a big difference when renting in Bologna.

What the food prices in Bologna are like

Although the price you’ll pay for groceries in Bologna is 1% higher than that in Rome, the higher purchasing power in the capital of the Emilia Romagna region makes up for the difference.

You can trust the following prices to give you a good impression of what to expect:

Food / Beverage ProductPrices
Water (1.5-litre bottle)€0.37
Wine (1 bottle, mid-range)€5.50
Local Beer (0,.5 litre bottle)€1.70
Imported beer(0.33-litre bottle)€2.11
Milk (1 litre, generic)€1.07
Fresh white bread (500 g)€1.74
Rice (white, 1 kg)€ 2.13
Eggs (medium, 12 pieces)€3.16
Local cheese (1 kg)€13.25
Beef (1 kg)€15.33
Bananas (1 kg)€1.57
Oranges (1 kg)€2.08
Tomatoes (1 kg)€2.39
Potatoes (1 kg)€1.31

If you’re looking to stretch your budget, farmer’s markets, such as Campagna Amica, take place every week and have plenty of fresh produce at a price lower than in the supermarket.

Leisure time expenses

With a pleasant climate and a bustling social scene, you’ll often be tempted to spend part of your monthly budget on living the La Dolce Vita like a true Italian.

The numbers below should give you a good impression of what you can expect to spend during your downtime in Bologna:

Leisure ActivityPrice
A meal in an inexpensive restaurant€ 16
Three-course meal for 2 in a middle-class restaurant€60
Cinema ticket, Hollywood production or comparable€10
Gym membership fee (monthly)€52.92
Rental fee for a tennis court (1 hour on weekends)€27.75

Many of the museum tickets are cheaper than movie tickets. It's a great alternative when you're low on budget and want something to do with your new international friends.

The public transport expenses

Although the city is walkable, the public transport system in Bologna is well-developed. It's made up of trams and buses and covers the whole city.

Here’s what the price of using public transportation in Bologna is:

Mean of TransportPrice
A one-way trip on public transport€1.50
Monthly subscription (regular price)€35
Starting taxi fare (regular fare)€2.80
1 kilometer in a taxi (standard fare)€1.15
Petrol (1 litre)€2.18

Now that you’re aware of the relative cost of living in the city, it’s time to start looking for your rental accommodation in Bologna.

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