Universities in Berlin

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

One of the three major universities of Berlin, its main building is situated right in the very heart of the city - just adjacent to the famous Brandenburg Gate. There are two other campuses:

  • Adlershof, southeast of the city centre.

  • Campus Nord, which is to the North.

Both are easily accessible by public transport and are regularly commuted by students who live in more central locations.

The Humboldt University of Berlin is considered a top German institute and accommodates students from all across the world. You can study Law, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Pure Sciences as well as Business and a host of other programs.

Humboldt maintains a comprehensive list of all faculties, departments and courses so you can check if it’s an option for you!

Freie Universität Berlin

The Freie University of Berlin is focused intently on both innovative, groundbreaking research and encouraging international competition. It is a superb choice for anyone looking to challenge themselves and to push the boundaries of their craft. With over 150 different courses to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

Like the Humboldt University, there are multiple campuses spread out around the city. Fortunately, the university offers a guide to help you find your way around campus - use it to locate your buildings and learn which public transport methods will get you there the quickest!

Technische Universität Berlin

With over 30,000 enrolled students, the Technical University of Berlin is easily the most respected of its kind in the country. Whether you’re studying Maths, Engineering, Manufacturing or even Economics, you’ll find no better quality teaching than right here. The full list of faculties and courses is available on their website.

Again, there are multiple campuses. The main campus is placed right in the heart of the "City West" region, and is the most central. The others - located in Wedding and Schöneberg - can be accessed by public transport if you choose to live in a more central location. Don’t worry, there will be other students in your area no matter where you live, so don’t worry about the commute!

Student Associations

Student associations could become a major aspect of your life on exchange. They run events, arrange days out and all sorts of interesting, non-academic activities to help you enjoy yourself and meet fellow students. Each of the Berlin universities has its own association, but you can join any of them - you don’t even need to be a student to get involved!

The different associations are:

  • The International Club of the Free University

  • Orbis, the HU International Club

  • The SKB at the Technical University of Berlin

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