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Hello, my name is Sam!
Bonjour! For us, welcoming travelers is above all showing kindness, responsiveness, and committing to make sure everything goes well. We are not professional hosts yet but we are experienced, very determined, and will take care of every request. We will always respond as soon as possible. Our family has friends and relatives all over Europe and in the US, and we spend a lot of time traveling to them. We love staying in a place where we can feel at home, have the opportunity to visit unique homes, and live like a local around the world. We always enjoy being hosted so we decided to become hosts and share this wonderful region with all of our future guests and friends. We found a place nicely located on the border of France/Geneva Switzerland and we renovated it with a unique design for the best possible experience. Please come and visit us! It would be a pleasure to host you. Hope to see you soon! Sam