How to keep track of your rental payments


Jun 05 • 1 minute read

Creating payment requests via HousingAnywhere will save you the time you would usually spend trawling through your personal emails, papers and records to find the name of your tenant, the rental property address and the duration of the rental period; these details are automatically filled by us! But how do you keep track of things once you've scored multiple bookings and tenants?

Understanding your Payment Overview

With all these requests being sent, you could very easily forget what you’ve requested, and which tenants you sent the requests to. That’s why we created a crystal clear Payment Request overview for you, so you can centralize all your rental documentation in one online space. Here you’ll be able to see all the requests you’ve ever created, complete with the:

  • Title : what is the request for? E.g. Rent for August 2019
  • Recipient : which tenant did you send the request to?
  • Status : has the request been paid yet? Is it overdue?
  • Due date : when did you schedule the request to be paid by?
  • Amount : how much was it for?

You can find out more about a specific payment request from your overview by clicking on it to expand the request.

TOP TIP! You can see the Live Payment Tracking link by clicking ‘TRACK’ or by expanding the request, then copying and pasting the link into the search bar of your browser. See exactly where your money is whenever you want!

You can also filter your payment overview for greater insights. To find a specific request, you can filter on its Status, Sent date or Due date. The status of a payment request will be either:

  • Collected: the tenant has completed the payment and we are securely holding the funds until 48 hours after their move-in.

  • Paid Out: we have released the payment to you. Note that, depending on your bank, it may take a while to land in your account. Read more in our FAQ.

  • Unpaid: we send a series of reminders to the tenant; 7 days before the due date, 3 days before, and on the due date itself.

  • Overdue: we’ll let you know if an unpaid payment becomes overdue and show it as red in your overview, so you can take action and get in contact with your tenant if needs be.

Did we mention that your Payment Overview is automatically updated? For extra clarity, any status changes (i.e. when a request is paid) will also be communicated to you via email.

All in all, using HousingAnywhere Payment Requests or planning ahead with the HousingAnywhere Payment Plans is a good way to keep track of all your past, present and future rental payments in one simple and transparent payment overview. Read more about creating a payment request or payment plan here.

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