Universities in Vienna

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna offers its 90,000 students over 15 different departments with numerous programs to choose from for their studies. Founded in 1365 by Duke Rudolph IV, this is one of the oldest universities in the German-speaking region. With a renowned history to build upon, the University of Vienna is one of the largest in all of Europe and is especially known for its Humanities field.

The campus used to be a general hospital, so the architecture is a startling blend of old and new, rendering a look which is unlike any other academic institute in Austria. Its location in the 1st district makes it nice and central, and the main building is grand and striking; even if you aren't studying there, you should check it out!

Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

In contrast to the ageing design of its neighbour in the 1st district, the Vienna University of Economics and Business is a whirlwind of modernization and cutting-edge technology. Many remark that it feels more like a modern art exhibition than an academic institute! Specializing in business, economics and international management (among many other programs) it’s a superb institution for virtually all students. Programs: Business, Economics and Social Sciences, Business Law, International Management, Marketing, Quantitative Finance and many more.

It’s 3.5km east of the city centre (just off the banks of the Danube) and can be easily accessed by bike or public transport.

MODUL University Vienna

Established in 2007, MODUL University Vienna is a private institution that focuses primarily on economic and social development, especially when it comes to the areas of new media information technology, tourism, sustainability, public governance and business management. Overlooking the beautiful city of Vienna, the campus is set atop Vienna’s Kahlenberg.

There are five departments from which you can choose courses:

  • the Department of Public Governance and Sustainable Development
  • the Department of New Media Technology
  • the Department of Tourism and Service Management
  • the Department of International Management
  • the Department of Applied Statistics and Economics.

Laid out by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria, all of the programs completely fulfill the requirements for accreditation. Additionally, all of the programs are taught entirely in English, making the university popular with international students. Plus, a total of 60% of the students enrolled are from nations outside of Austria. The master’s level holds the highest number of international students.

Vienna University of Technology

Welcome to the largest science and technology university in the entire country. The institution has eight faculties and almost as many students as Vienna University (which boasts 90,000 of them!) - if you’re interested in engineering, technological science or any of the other programs at TU Wien, then this is the university for you. Even better, it’s located right by the Opera House in the centre of Vienna!

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Student associations

These could become a huge part of your life in Austria. The biggest student association is easily the Erasmus Student Network, or ESN. It was founded in 1989, intended to support and develop international exchange programs for students. Well, it’s working! Their mission is to "represent international students, thus providing opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students" - long story short, they help you out and make sure everyone is getting the most from their experience in Vienna.

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