The Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Living in Stuttgart (2022)


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The cost of living in Stuttgart is, surprisingly, not all that much higher than an affordable city like the countrý capital. Compared to the rest of Europe, the balance between prices in Stuttgart and the average salary in the area is quite good. That’s not bad at all, considering Stuttgart is the 6th largest city in Germany, with well over 600.000 inhabitants! It’s known for its well established automotive industry, as well as a number of other high-tech industries. This attracts a lot of talent and expertise from all over the world, including, most likely, you! So, let’s take a look at what it’ll cost you to live in the city of Stuttgart. We’ll cover the most important monthly expenses that pretty much anyone moving to Stuttgart will run into:

  • Housing, broken down by rooms, studios and apartments;
  • Food, looking at groceries and eating out;
  • Transportation, focusing on public transportation.

Cost of Housing & Accommodation in Stuttgart

Like in many German cities, Stuttgart is seeing a surge in popularity by both locals and expats, resulting in issues a housing shortage. While the rising rental prices are not nearly at the level of its bavarian neighbour Munich, prices have increased over the past few years. Some areas in the south are still relatively affordable, but further away from the ation of downtown Stuttgart. Our Stuttgart Neighbourhood guide will tell you all about the various neighbourhoods that make up this sprawling economic powerhouse.

That said, if you’re from the US or another western european country, the rental prices will probably still feel low, especially if you consider that Stuttgart is also quite wealthy, sporting an average gross salary of around €47.000 a year or €3900 a month (courtesy of Salary Explorer). In this article we'll be looking at prices for furnished housing with most bills included. So let’s break down the average rental price in Stuttgart by our three main categories.

Rooms in Stuttgart

What is the average price for a furnished room in Stuttgart?

According to HousingAnywhere data, the average price for a furnished room in Stuttgart is around €563 a month.

If you’re a student looking to study in Stuttgart, then a furnished room is an excellent option. While not self-sufficient, rooms are considerably more affordable than studios in Stuttgart. And with the popularity of renting out the rooms in an apartment, it’s likely that you’ll end up sharing quite a nice apartment with 3 or 4 other students and expats.

Studios in Stuttgart

What is the average price for a furnished studio in Stuttgart?

According to HousingAnywhere data, the average price for a furnished studio in Stuttgart is around €846 a month.

Independent Housing is very popular in Stuttgart, so the increased privacy and self sustainability living in a furnished studio comes at a price. But, if you’re a young professional or experienced expat, the relatively high price might not scare you off at all. Either way, looking for a studio at the right time and well before your arrival will definitely help save you some expenses and might net you a studio in a nicer spot in the city!

Apartments in Stuttgart

What is the average price for a furnished 1-bedroom apartment in Stuttgart?

According to HousingAnywhere data, The average price for a furnished 1-bedroom apartment in Stuttgart is around €1278 a month.

Apartments are where the housing market gets competitive in Stuttgart, and this is reflected in the pricing. But, if you have the salary to match, scoring a decent apartment shouldn’t be too much of an issue! There are quite a few fluctuations in pricing for apartments, so settling for a longer commute could get you more space or a better price. And, let’s be honest, commuting in German cities isn’t that much of a punishment! Our tip is start your search early and research what type of neighbourhood is a good match for you.

Housing expenses overview

All in all, Housing in Stuttgart is becoming more expensive over the years. That said, the pricing is closer to housing in Berlin, than it is to an expensive city like Munich. Let’s summarise the average prices of furnished housing in Stuttgart:

How much is rent in Stuttgart?

Furnished housing StuttgartAverage rental price


Who doesn’t love food! Being able to score a nice meal out with friends or a hearty lunch with colleagues can very well be the highlight of a long day. Keeping your pantry and fridge stocked is actually quite affordable, with even luxury brand products like CocaCola trending only 3-5% slightly over prices you’d find in the capital. By contrast, prices in Munich can trend upwards of 13% compared to those in Berlin.

Cost of groceries in Stuttgart

Going out for groceries in Stuttgart won’t be a serious attack on your wallet. Supermarkets in Stuttgart are only slightly more expensive than in other places. Higher end products, like , fresh beef and chicken breast and cheese can cost you anywhere from 2-5% more than in other parts of the country, whereas some local products like cheese are cheaper than elsewhere. If you’re on a budget after all, you can always stick to Lidl and Aldi stores to help keep your monthly expenses low. All in all, if you’re on your own, you should be able to make it through the week on anywhere from €35-60 a week in groceries.

Going out to eat in Stuttgart

Thankfully, you can go out for lunch in Stuttgart for around €10-12. Going out for a meal at a normal restaurant will set you back around €50 euros if you’re going for an appetiser, meal and dessert. Having a beer with this meal will set you back around €3.50 for a fresh cold draught (0.5L). At the same time, having a cappuccino at your favourite haunt shouldn’t set you back more than €2.85. So, as long as you don’t go out to eat more than a few times a week, you should be able to keep your food expenses under control while living in Stuttgart.

ActivityAverage price
Going out for lunch (1p)€11.50
Going out for dinner (1p,3 courses)€50
Beer (0.5L)€3.50

Having fun in Stuttgart

If you’re hitting the town for some entertainment after your meal, you should be able to see the latest film in the cinema for around €12 euros per ticket. This might be cheaper, depending on which day you’re visiting and if you’re a student or not. If you prefer a live performance, decent tickets at the StaatsTheater Stuttgart will set you back anywhere from €35 to €65. Looking to rock out? Concerts at venues are quite affordable, as for €25 euros you’ll be listening to both local and international artists. Keep in mind that beverages are usually a little more expensive if you’re getting them at an event, so keep that in mind when budgeting your night out! Also, everyone who moves to Stuttgart should see the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz museums at least once, setting you back only €8 and €10.

Stuttgart activitiesAverage price
Cinema tickets€12
Theatre tickets€45
Concert tickets (local)€25
Museum tickets€ 8-15
Zoo tickets€20

Transportation in Stuttgart

One of the best ways to get to where you need to go in Stuttgart is the public transport system. No need to invest in an expensive car, as the public transport system can easily be depended on. For a local ticket, you’ll pay around €2.50 per zone of travel, but if you travel every day for work or studies, a seasonal ticket is more affordable. Students can pay €59.90 a month for a full access ticket, whereas international students can use the German StudiTicket for €207 for a 6 month period. A personal monthly subscription starts at €57 euros a month, with multiple tiers for access to more zones. If you’re moving to Stuttgart for work, be sure to ask your employer if they have a company scheme available!

Tickets / subscriptionAverage price
Local ticket€2.50 (per zone)
Student card€59.90 a month (full access)
Personal subscriptionstarting at €57 a month

Getting by at around €900, living comfortably at €1900

If you're living the Stuttgart life as a student, living in a room with relatively low cost and scoring deal on groceries at the local lidl, you should be able to get by on around €900 a month. Don't spend all the money you saved on groceries on beers though. As an expat and young professional, a studio or 1 bedroom apartment is probably more your style. Depending on any concessions you make on the distance from your place of employment, you cost of living in Stuttgart should run you around €1900. This means a nice flat, and the luxury of going out for lunch, and going out for dinner at least once a week.

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