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Do you think living in Rome on a small budget is impossible? We beg to differ! You can significantly cut your expenses by living in a neighbourhood away from the city centre. And don’t worry, you don’t have to sacrifice a vibrant nightlife or intriguing architecture. In fact, Pigneto is one of the most unique and exciting neighbourhoods in Rome. And do you know what’s the best part of it? No tourists! Only a diverse mix of Pigneto’s historical inhabitants, university students and immigrants.

Let’s see what one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Rome’s got to offer!

Culturally diverse and alternative neighbourhood

The large immigrant population is one of the signature characteristics of Pigneto. Many of the 52,000 foreigners come from countries like Egypt, Romania, Peruvia and the Philippines. Just imagine all the different cuisines you can try in this cultural melting pot!

The Pigneto neighbourhood has always been a district with a left-wing and inclusive mentality. From 1942–1944, it was an important centre of the anti-fascist movement in Rome. Today, the buildings are coloured in graffiti with images of partisan rebels. Other murals are dedicated to the avant-garde director Pier Paolo Pasolini, known for highlighting social issues and his love for this spirited neighbourhood.

Pigneto’s vibe is comparable to the one of Berlin, welcoming freethinkers, Rome’s LGBTQ community and hip young crowds. That’s why many students of the nearby University of La Sapienza call this vibrant neighbourhood home too.

Fun fact: Pigneto neighbourhood is where you’ll find the most tattooed people in Rome!

Is Pigneto a safe neighbourhood to live in?

Because Pigneto is less ‘posh’ and less expensive than some other popular neighbourhoods of Rome, it might feel a bit less safe. But the truth is, what used to be a working-class and somewhat dangerous area is now a gentrified and safe neighbourhood with vibrant nightlife. Streets are buzzing with activity till very late hours, but, luckily, you'll only find a couple of stranded tourists here.

Of course, you still have to take basic safety precautions. And just like in any popular nightlife area, you might be approached by an occasional drug dealer or get catcalled as a woman. If that happens, don’t engage and they’ll leave you alone.

Public transport in Pigneto

Pigneto is intersected by metro line C, which can take you to the popular shopping street Via Appia Nuova in a few minutes. This metro line is new and is still under construction. But soon it will reach famous landmarks like Colosseo, too. Until then, you can either switch between metro lines or take a bus and you’ll be in the historic centre in about 30 minutes.

You can easily reach 2 train stations from Pigneto. It’s 15 minutes by bus to Roma Tuscolana, where you can switch to metro line A, and 23 minutes by tram to the main railway station Roma Termini.

If you’re a student, the good news is that Pigneto lies pretty close to the main campus of Sapienza University. However, the fastest way to get there is by bike. It would take you roughly 16 minutes.

Facilities in Pigneto

Post offices

The Poste Italiane office will become your frequented location when you move to Italy. Things like your registration in Rome and residence permit renewal are all done through the post office. Luckily, Poste Italiane has 3 locations in different parts of the neighbourhood, so you never need to travel far!

Hospitals and pharmacies

While there’s one hospital on the north-south corner of the Pigneto neighbourhood, it might be a challenge to find an English-speaking doctor there. You can instead take a 15-minute metro ride to Medical Dimension.

When you need to pick up your prescription, you can do so in any pharmacy closest to your place. Thankfully, in Rome, those are scattered around every corner.

Groceries in Pigneto

Grocery stores in Pigneto range from small alimentari sprinkled around every corner to bigger supermarkets like Iper La Spesa in the centre and Carrefour in the south of the neighbourhood.

Alternatively, you can get your groceries from a fresh market like Mercato Rionale del Pigneto or Mercato Condottieri Labicano. There’re also a few great delis selling prime-quality meats and cheeses. And ethnic supermarkets like Wei Market, Swadesh Market, and Baile Alimentare Cinese will cater for your more exotic needs.


Pigneto is a good place to be if you’re into sports as it has several fitness centres and sports complexes nearby. One of the biggest fitness centres is H20 Fitness Centre, which has a pool, studios for weights, various fitness classes, and even Turkish baths and saunas for after your workout.

To the north of Pigneto, you’ll find the bouldering gym Rock it Climbing. And if you’re into field or racket sports, you can check out Villa de Sanctis, which is a 10-minute bike ride away from Pigneto.

Things to do in Pigneto

You might already know that there's always something to do in Rome. And we assure you that Pigneto lives up to that promise.

Shop for unique items

You won’t find popular stores like Zara in Pigneto. Instead, you’re welcome to discover an array of independent shops and vintage fashion. One of the must-visit places is Blue Factory Store, selling unique art pieces and designs by local artists.

If you’re into music, you should visit Radiation Records where you’ll find a huge selection of new and second-hand records across all genres.

Only 5 minutes away is a true gem for vintage fans, Mademoiselle Vintage. Go back in time while browsing through carefully-curated second-hand pieces!

Head to the Pigneto Sunday Market

Pigneto Sunday Market happens roughly every other month from May to November. There, you can browse through vintage items, taste a variety of street food, sip a drink at Biergarten and listen to live music. A great way to meet some neighbours!

Read a book at Libreria Tuba

Libreria Tuba is a feminist bookstore, bar and restaurant. Read a book with a glass of organic wine, listen to a presentation or engage in an interesting conversation in this laid-back inclusive space in Pigneto!

Depart on a culinary journey

From African food at Taverna Del Mossob to affordable Greek cuisine at Kalapà, Pigneto offers an unparalleled culinary variety.

Are you into truffles? We’ve got just the place for you! Bosco’s menu offers anything from duck carpaccio with Sichuan pepper and truffle to truffle tagliolini.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian you’re in for a treat at a Brazilian-Italian bistro Vitaminas24. Their daily-changing menu offers soups, salads, veggie burgers, signature Brazilian snacks and delicious fresh smoothies.

Of course, you’ll find plenty of traditional trattorias and modern Italian restaurants in Pigneto too. Locals’ favourites include Necci dal 1924, Qui Se Magna and Pigneto Quarantuno.

Finally, don’t forget to try arguably the best gelato in town in Gelateria Il Cannolo Siciliano. Be careful, though, it’s addictive!

Discover a new band

Kickstart your evening in Pigneto with a bespoke cocktail at Co.So. before diving into Rome’s nightlife.

Then get ready to be surprised! Of course, a creative district like this one boasts a variety of bars where you can continue your night with live music. Alvarado Street and Fanfulla 5/a are the places to be if you seek to broaden your musical horizons. Choose from a wide variety of music genres to tickle your fancy, from punk rock to singer-songwriter performances and DJ sets and go make some new friends!

For some members of the gay community, K men club might be a fun place to explore. But keep in mind that only male visitors are allowed.

And if you don’t mind going to the nearby neighbourhood Collatino, keep an eye on MONK Roma’s agenda.

Housing in Pigneto

Even though Pigneto doesn’t offer the fast-paced inner-city feel and ancient architecture, it has its distinct charm. The up-and-coming area is characterised by a lively mix of architectural styles and colourful houses peeking between more traditional facades. And, of course, it's known for its way cheaper rental prices.

Here’s what you can expect from average rents in Pigneto:

  • Room: €350 – 400
  • Studio: €650 – 900
  • 1-bedroom apartment: €800 – 1250

Pigneto is a very walkable area. So wherever you decide to settle in, everything in this hipster neighbourhood of Rome will be within your reach. A good thing to note is that the Isola Pedonale del Pigneto is buzzing with activity at night. So if you’re a light sleeper, you’d want to avoid your windows facing that street.

Are you ready to explore homes for rent in Rome's coolest neighbourhood ? Then you can start working through your relocation checklist and you’ll be living in the ancient city in no time!

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