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Despite the dominant catholic and masculine culture in Italy, the perception of LGBTQI+ people across communities in Italy is on a positive trend. With an increasing number of LGBTQ+ events and venues popping up around major Italian cities like Milan, Venice, and Florence, there’s only one question left -How open are the people in Rome to LGBTQI+ individuals?

If you’re wondering the same, read on to get your hotfix of information on:

  • Whether or not Rome is LGBTQI+ friendly
  • Where the LGBTQI+ hotspots in Rome are
  • Which ares can be dangerous for LGBTQI+ people

Is Rome LGBTQI+ friendly?

Like in the rest of the best cities in Italy, Rome is LGBTQI+ friendly. The city has a great nightlife, with plenty of queer-friendly bars and clubs. There are also lots of cultural events and activities taking place throughout the year, catering to LGBTQI+ people.

Sadly, there are a few things to note. The Roman Catholic Church is very conservative and has a history of homophobia. This means that there is some discrimination against LGBTQI+ people in Rome, although it is generally not violent or open.

Is there an LGBTQI+ community in Rome?

Besides being a magnet to international tourists, Rome is also home to a vibrant and active LGBTQI+ community. The city is home to several gay-friendly bars and clubs, as well as a number of annual events that celebrate LGBT culture. There are also a number of support groups and organizations that work to promote equality for the LGBTQI+ community in Rome.

The LGBTQI+ support groups and orgnizations that can be your safe haven are:

  • Arcigay- Italy’s LGBTQI+ non-profit organization

Arcigay is active in many cities across Italy and Rome is no different. The organization deals with national issues, such as legalizing gay marriage, as well as provides support to LGBTQI+ individuals in need.

Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale Mario Mieli is a social club that advocates for LGBTQI+ rights and is committed to fighting sexually transmitted diseases. The Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale Mario Mieli team frequently partners with other organizations and releases a magazine to amplify their message.

Gay Rome 4u is a for-profit organization that always has the latest scoop on the hottest spots in the city and hosts events. They have a seemingly infinite list of gay-friendly businesses around the city of Rome.

The best LGBTQI+ bars and clubs in Rome

There is a number of bars, clubs, and other venues specifically for queer people across Rome. Now let’s see which ones are the most popular.

When it comes to LGBT bars in Rome, there aren’t many. This is so because bars aren’t that common across Italy in the first place. Instead, the community is more likely to grab a meal at a nice restaurant and then head to one of the clubs.

The top 3 gay bars in Rome are:

  • Coming Out- located in close proximity to the coliseum, this spot gets packed on weekends.
  • 101 Club- one of the latest additions to the LGBT bars in Rome!
  • Company Roma- this is where you’ll find the bears. This spot has a wonderful underground bar. The catch is that you need a membership card in order to enter.

There’s a wide variety of LGBTQI+ parties that take place in Rome on a regular basis.

The top 3 clubs with regular events you should put on your “To visit” list are:

  • GIAM hosts a weekly event with three dancefloors every saturday
  • Muccassassina is in the heart of Rome and has multiple dancefloors with different music
  • Frutta e Verdura is a venue inclusive of people from the whole LGBT spectrum.

What are the areas of Rome to avoid as an LGBTQI+ person?

Considering the number of venues for LGBTQI+ persons in Rome is generally safe for the LGTQI+ community.

The center of the city is generally safe, but there have been reports of homophobic and transphobic violence in some of Rome's neighbourhoods. That said, there have been cases of violence against LGBTQI+ people in Rome, so it's important to take caution when walking here if you identify as queer. To be specific, you should be extra cautious in the areas of Tor Bella Monaca, Romanina, San Basilio, and Corviale.

If you're planning on visiting Rome, be sure to check out the latest safety advice from local LGBTQI+ organizations.

Overall, Rome is a great city for LGBTQI+ people, with a lively and supportive community. There are a few areas to be cautious in, but for the most part, Rome is a safe and welcoming place for all residents.

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