Cost of living in Rome

While Rome is not necessarily a cheap city to live in, it is less expensive than many of Europe’s other cities, like Paris or London. And things are a bit different in Rome, as that Italy is still one of the countries that prefer to deal in cash, rather than plastic. In fact, credit cards are not accepted at all at some places. However, since Rome is a popular destination for tourists, most places in or close to the city center will accept credit or bank cards. Just be sure to keep the foreign transaction fees in mind.

Housing costs

There’s no way around it — your largest expense will be your rent. Keep in mind the minimum prices for a shared and private room €250 and €450 accordingly. Hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to find an all-inclusive rental agreement. If not, be certain to budget other related expenses as well.


You can expect to pay around €2000 annually for utilities. This will be the case in a normal-sized apartment, with controlled heating to save a bit on costs.

Food expenses

Students generally seem to spend about €270 each month on groceries, which is slightly over €3000 annually. This includes buying food, household supplies and personal items. If you shop at the market stalls, you’ll be able to buy produce at its freshest, but at the lowest prices.

If you eat out, you’re going to pay more than in most other European cities, but the food is so good that you’ll have to splurge from time to time. A restaurant meal can vary in price, depending on the eatery, but a typical meal at a pizzeria will run about €10-12.

Public transportation

Thankfully, public transportation is not too pricey, at about €1.50 each way (and the ticket valid for 75 minutes). It’s also less if you buy a monthly (€35) or yearly (€250) pass. The trains in and out of Rome are also priced low, especially if buying in advance.

Other costs

As a student, you can receive discounts and other student offers at museums, clubs, sporting events and much more.

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