5 Reasons to do an Internship Abroad

Let’s take a look at five reasons why you should do an internship abroad!


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Updated on 16 Apr 2024

When some students begin their studies, they often have absolutely no idea which career path they should choose. Sometimes it takes a bit more real-life experience to decide who we want to be for the rest of our lives. This is why fully immersing oneself into the student lifestyle is an amazing opportunity, letting you experience new people, different cultures and a way of life that is altogether fascinating.

Figuring out the ins and outs of studying abroad may seem complicated to some students, causing a moment of hesitation. However, there are numerous companies and organizations completely prepared to help, with anything from scholarships to finding student housing.

Just keep in mind that this type of decision is a life-changer for most, filling your world with benefits that you didn’t even know existed. Let’s take a look at five reasons to do an internship abroad!

1. You’ll improve your chances of getting hired.

By doing an internship abroad, you’ll instantly find yourself immersed in such a rewarding, beneficial experience that you’ll be invaluable to any employer within your niche of study or beyond. Those handling staffing for high-profile companies will definitely appreciate the fact that you chose to expand your horizons by embracing a new culture and a slew of challenging opportunities.

Studying abroad also illustrates how you can adapt to new situations and different environments, which can be key in snagging that second interview. Plus, when studying abroad and participating in the various student organizations, you can add skills to your list that you never expected to have. Whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, work in the medical field or be a zookeeper, studying abroad can be most beneficial.

2. An internship abroad = benefits for your resume!

When you began to understand that you’ll soon be entering the career world, you probably have given your resume more than just a second thought. In fact, you’ve probably stared at it for long hours, wishing it had that one, fantastical line that would make you stand out from the crowd. Did you know that one of the best ways to improve your resume is by studying abroad?

That’s exactly right! When a potential employer sees that you’ve had an internship abroad or have participated in an exchange programme, this can give you an instant step up from your competition. This shows a viable employer that you will go the extra mile to ensure success, which is exactly what companies are looking for. When your resume is sitting in a pile of other resumes, you truly do need something to set you apart. An internship abroad is definitely the key!

3. It’s also an opportunity to open your mind.

We’ve all seen the movies and the TV shows, where people will seemingly do anything to make a change in their lives. While most common people can’t jet set across the globe and fall in love with a member of the Royal Family, they most certainly can take an internship abroad!

Moving to a foreign country and studying at a well-known university is about as life-changing as it gets. Even a six-month internship will reveal things about you that even your mother never knew existed. And even though you are there primarily to study, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to open your mind to new cultures, people and anything else that might come along. You’ll definitely see things in a whole different light!

4. You will develop your professional network.

When you’re thinking about studying abroad, you’re probably envisioning a lot of different things, including the epic parties, extreme social networking and actually getting that well-earned degree. But your time abroad can also benefit you professionally, and in more facets than you might think!

Learning and working beyond your traditional barriers will extend your professional network in a myriad of ways, adding more experience to your particular skillset. When participating in student organizations, many of these will put you in contact with others in your intended field, introducing you not only to future colleagues, but providing a hands-on environment that is absolutely priceless in the career world. Watch your list of contacts grow, as you experience out-of-the-classroom situations that will be extremely beneficial to you down the road.

5. You’ll improve your other languages!

If you’ve ever wanted to fascinate others with your beguiling Italian dialect or merely just want to be able to read the street signs when you’re cliff diving in Acapulco, this could very well be THE reason to do an internship abroad! You’ll be speaking like a local in no time!

When you study abroad, you can take language courses at the university, or you can just immerse yourself in new friends and new places, picking up the regional slang along the way. Depending on where you’ll be studying, you may even pick up more than one language, as that many capital cities have become true melting pots. Plus, you may even hone your own English-speaking skills. Often, understanding the methods in which non-native English speakers learn the language can even help you remember where to put those blasted apostrophes, or to finally figure out what the difference is between an en dash and an em dash.

After discovering so many relevant reasons why you should consider doing an internship abroad, jump right in and start gaining as much information as you possibly can. You can discover many offers from Stud&Globe worldwide, whether you want to study in Spain, Mexico, Greece, the United Kingdom or many other exciting destinations.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore!

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