Get empadronamiento in Málaga: Registering your address

Step-by-step guide to getting your empadronamiento in Málaga, from the documents you need to the ways you can register.


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Updated on 1 Sep 2023

One of the first things you need to complete after moving to Málaga is your registration at the municipality. This will get you you Spanish certificado de empadronamiento (padrón). To help you navigate the bureaucratic waters, we’ve collected all of the information you need to complete the process.

What is empadronamiento (or padrón)?

The certificado de empadronamiento includes details of your living conditions such as where you live, with whom, for how long and whether you own or rent the property. Everyone who plans on living in Spain for over 6 months needs to get this certificate by registering at the local municipality.

Why do you need an empadronamiento in Málaga?

Whether you plan on studying or working in Málaga, having a padrón is important for many reasons. First, getting a certificado de empadronamiento will allow you to get your NIE number or TIE card, public health insurance, set up utilities, etc. Basically, it’s the first step towards building a life in Málaga.

Second, registering in Málaga will help the Spanish government plan administrative processes based on the number of citizens living in the city. Examples include determining the allocation of funds or the number of representatives in the Congress.

What are the empadronamiento requirements in Málaga?

Having all your documents ready is essential for registering at the municipality. Generally, in Málaga you need:

  • Proof of identity (e.g. ID card, passport, TIE card)
  • Completed registration form
  • Proof of address
    • as the owner you have to provide_original and copy of the property deed (escritura) in your name
    • as a tenant you have to provide:
      • rental contract in Spanish
      • signed letter by the landlord authorising you can register at this address and a copy of their ID

If you’re renting a room in shared housing, you can bring a signed autorización expresa by your roommate and a copy of their ID as proof of address.

How to get your empadronamiento in Málaga?

You can register at Málaga’s municipality in 3 ways.


Make an appointment and visit your nearest town hall or Gestión Tributaria (tax management) office. Bring all of the necessary documents and receive your certificado de empadronamiento immediately.

Via phone

Call the Municipal Information Telephone (010). Give them your personal details (ID, date of birth, phone number and email) and the reason for registering. You can expect to receive your certificado de empadronamiento in a few days via mail.


There’re 2 ways you can get your padrón online depending on whether you have a digital certificate (certificado digital) (your digital signature). 1. Without a digital certificate: enter the required personal information, select the type of certificate you want, and expect it in the mail in the next few days. 2. With a digital certificate: your personal information is already in the system so you can just fill in the required information (date of birth, type of document you need, and the reason for your request). Your certificado de empadronamiento will open in a new window as a PDF.

Keep in mind that registering process will probably be done in Spanish so brush up on your Spanish skills.

If your preference is to complete the process in person, we have good news for you. As Málaga is a big city divided into 11 districts, you can register at the town hall in your neighbourhood:

  • OA tax management Customer Service (Tabacalera) Avenida de sor Teresa Prat, 17 (Cadiz Road District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Malaga Centro) Calle La Merced, 1 (Central District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Puerto de la Torre) Víctor Hugo Street, 1 (Puerto de la Torre District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (OMAC 2 - Málaga Este) Calle Real, 18 (East District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Ciudad Jardín) Calle Mayor Nicolás Maroto, 18 (Ciudad Jardin District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Bailén-Miraflores) Martinez Maldonado Street, 58 (Bailen-Miraflores District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Palma-Palmilla) Doctor Gálvez Moll Street, 11 (Palma-Palmilla District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Cruz de Humilladero) Conde de Guadalhorce Street, 15 (Cruz de Humilladero District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Carretera de Cádiz) Avenida de sor Teresa Prat, 15 (Cadiz Road District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Churriana) Plaza de La Inmaculada, 11 (Churriana District)
  • Municipal Citizen Service Office (Campanillas) Calle Ramírez Arcas, 2 (Campanillas District)
  • Municipal Board of District 11 Teatinos-University - OMAC Diego López de Zúñiga Street, 12 (Teatinos-University District)

Validity of the padrón

Your certificado de empadronamiento is valid only for 3 months after the issue date. You can request a new one only in-person at the nearest town hall. Luckily, getting your padrón is completely free of charge.

Do you need to renew your padrón?

Yes. Generally, if there’s a significant change in your living conditions (e.g. you got married) you have to update your empadronamiento.

Otherwise, for EU citizens, the padrón is valid for 5 years and non-EU citizens have to renew it every 2 years.

So there you have it, everything you need to get your certificado de empadronamiento. Now you can complete your registration without a hitch and look forward to many of the wonderful things to do in Málaga.

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