Frankfurt Am Main: A Neighbourhood Guide for Expats

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Thanks to other guides, spending a few days in Frankfurt won’t leave you bored. But, what if you’re moving here to study abroad, for your dream internship or get ahead in your career? As soon as you made plans to move to this financial hub of a city, your next step is to find a perfect neighbourhood in Frankfurt am Main for your new home.

With this guide HousingAnywhere will help you find your new home in Frankfurt-am-Main, also known as ‘Bankfurt, the Manhattan of Germany’.

Where should I live in Frankfurt as an expat?

Whether you’re a student studying abroad or going for an internship abroad, a young professional moving their career forward in Frankfurt or a seasoned expert expat settling your family somewhere new while coming to make waves in your career, you’re all asking the same question: What neighbourhood should I live in? What neighborhood is recommended for students? Where in Frankfurt can I quietly raise my family? Well, let’s dive into your options!

The best neighbourhoods for students

Neighbourhood requirements for international students

As a student, the best neighbourhood offers a short distance to or a fast connection to your academic institution. Additionally, easy access to the city’s bars, clubs, restaurants, parks and other fun places are a nice bonus. After all, they will be the reason your deadlines are future-you’s problem. Last but not least, your Frankfurt housing should also be affordable, so you can actually afford those drinks!


As a student, sharing a room in an apartment is one of the better ways to live, especially in Germany. This so-called WG (Wohngemeinschaft) is a very popular coliving concept, broadly adopted by students in the country. Bockenheim has plenty of affordable, smaller flats that can be a good deal for enterprising students. The Goethe University of Frankfurt is only a bus trip away and you have easy access to the greenery of the Rebstockpark in the south-west area of the district.


Höchst is the working class district close to the massive industrial park Höchst in the eastern reaches of Frankfurt. It’s a neighbourhood that’s affordable, even for students. Despite being a district characterised by its industrial roots, you still have access to the Höchster stadspark and the annual Höchster Schlossfest, an awesome cultural festival that takes place every june. Looking to get stuck into the bustle of the city centre? Höchst has its own train station, as well as a readily available bus line. So, Höchst might be of particular interest to those looking to get into an industrial- or chemical profession.


Fechenheim is a former fishing village to the east of the main districts of the city. Its position on the outer edges of the City makes this district shine due to its affordability. The apartments here are cheap and even the Goethe University recommends this area for students that are looking to live in Frankfurt on a budget. Despite its location on the city outskirts, Frankfurt’s great public transport system will get you to the city centre in no more than 25 minutes. If you’re a nature buff, you’re in luck. Fechenheim is great for long walks along the riverside path. And, after coming back from a night in the city centre, you can chill out and recover at the water in the middle of Fechenheim forest.

The best neighbourhoods for young professionals

Neighbourhood requirements for young internationals

You’re moving to Frankfurt to kickstart your career! At the same time, your urge to party hasn’t worn away yet. So as a young professional with a real grown up salary:, a room, studio or even an apartment in or near the bustling city centre or an up and coming neighbourhood close to your new job is what you have your sights on!


Sachsenhausen is a lovely district south of the river Main. Its position combines proximity to the city central, as well as housing some of the prime museums in Europe. As far as living goes, many thousands of people go to work here and in the neighbouring district of Niederrad, living in offices that have been converted into apartment buildings. The area has plenty of shops, malls and offers some of the best nightlife south of the river Main. Additionally, for medical professionals, this district gives easy access to the University Hospital on the banks of the river.


Going out for a bite after work and staying out for some beers until the evening, that’s life in the busy streets of Bornheim in Ostend. You have work in the morning, so don’t stay out too late; instead, return to one of the many tall apartment buildings you’ll find throughout the district. On the weekend, though, the Berger Strauss area offers a nice assortment of clubs to dance away the week’s workday woes. This combination of readily available apartments, quiet suburban living, as well as all the delights you need after a long day at work has made Bornheim one of the districts that many other expats like you call home.

Innenstadt & Bahnhofsviertel

Frankfurt is called ‘Bankfurt’ and the ‘Mainhattan’ for a reason! The Frankfurt city centre has some of the tallest buildings in the city that make up the city’s famous skyline. As in most cities, the city centre is not the safest or affordable place, but it is the place to be as a rising star in your career. From cultural escapades in the many museums, getting your morning caffeïne boost in one of the manyCafés, leisure of business lunches at a diversity of restaurants and the release of workweek tension at one of the many nightclubs, it’s all here.

The best neighbourhoods for expats with families

Neighbourhood requirements for expats

Frankfurt is the place to make moves in your (financial?) career. You’ve been around the block and this isn’t your first gig over the border. This time, though, you’re bringing your family along. Bringing your partner, kid (or dog?) along and leaving your partying past behind has shifted your priorities. You exchange clubs and bars, with something a little more suburban, such as nice parks, a nearby school and easy access to a highway. No worries, Frankfurt has you covered in that regard.


Nordend is one of the largest neighbourhoods in the city. Its size means you’ll find a large diversity in population, with everything from artists to businessmen and families. The area is quiet and safe, with a wide array of different schools. Despite being in a major city like Frankfurt, it has a great air of community, making it one of the best places in the city to raise your family. The area has good connectivity to the various business centres around the city, either by car or by public transport.


The Westend area is one of the more upper-middle class neighbourhoods, popular among the many businessmen working in the city’s finance hubs. As a result, it’s a district that’s close to the center, yet feels more like a quiet residential neighbourhood, filled with trees and well-maintained buildings. It’s no surprise that you’ll find a thriving expat community who move here to work in its banks. The lack of commercial bustle makes it the perfect place for you to bring your family. When you’re taking a break from your hotshot financial career, you bring your partner and pick up your kid from the bilingual Goethe-Gymnasium highschool to go for a walk in the local parks or go for some fine dining at the local gastronomical hotspot.

Europaviertel (Gallus)

Part of the overarching Gallus district, the Europaviertel is a newly constructed (finished in 2019) residential area. The Europaviertel concept is a common one, well developed across Germany. It features cheap but high quality housing aimed at young families and expats, providing ample facilities for couples starting a family, such as preschools and playgrounds. At the same time, the Europaviertel moves away from its former uniform looking workers’ housing. The newly constructed housing here is fully modern! Aside from the many businesses already present in the district, you don’t have to worry about connectivity due to the easy access to both the autobahn and public transport options.


So, now you've an idea of where you can start your search for a new home in Franktfurt! Whether you're celebrating your new management positon with a highrise apartment in the Innenstad area or are lookingto share a place with fellow students in Bockenheim, Frankfurt is ready to be the scenery of the next chapter of your life!

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