Why Enschede is the Perfect Place for International Students


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Enschede, also known as Eanske by the local population, is set in the eastern Netherlands. It is extremely popular with incoming international students, making it a vibrant, exhilarating city full of activities, a colorful nightlife scene and limitless potential.

Of course, when you are thinking about studying abroad, there are many other European cities offering alluring possibilities. So, let’s take a look at why Enschede is the perfect host for your international studies.

Location Is Everything

Enschede is the easternmost city in the Netherlands, nestled just a few kilometers from Germany, which meets its border. Of course, this provides a wonderful sense of culture in this city. While most inhabitants speak both Dutch and English, you’ll also find that many also can communicate fluently in German. This could be very convenient if you also “Deutsch sprechen”.

Enschede’s location also affects its weather. Like most of the Netherlands, it features somewhat of an oceanic climate. However, due to its more inland position, winters tend to be a bit milder than the rest of the Netherlands. The warmest month is August, with the coolest being January. You can also expect plenty of rain in June, so if you’re staying through the summer, be sure to carry an umbrella!

A True “Student City”

Enschede plays home to an average of over 26,000 students each year, making it an appealing area for incoming international students in the Netherlands. It is especially appealing because, even though it offers state-of-the-art facilities and a variety of student associations, it is still compact, making it simple to get from one place to the next.

Most students coming to the city are there to attend either the University of Twente or Kennispark Twente, also known as Knowledge Park Twente. Leiden also boasts the Saxion University of Applied Sciences, along with a pop academy, a conservatory and an art academy.

Where History Meets Culture

Enschede also possesses quite an impressive history and sense of culture, which is much to say regarding a former centre for textile production.

You will find many world-renowned museums in Enschede, making the perfect spaces to spend a lazy afternoon. Rijksmuseum Twenthe is a national textile museum, and two museums have merged to become TwentseWelle, a museum of textiles and social life, which is partially located in a renovated textile factory.

Additionally, you will discover that, at its heart, Enschede is a true musical city. In fact, the Nationaal Muziekkwartier has a beautiful stage for both musical and theatrical pursuits, where other wonderful cultural institutions are all housed under one roof. This also includes the Wilminktheatre, Muziekcentrum Enschede, Pop Stage Atak, the Nationale Reisopera and the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra.

Sports Galore

Enschede was named the Sports City of the Year twice, so if you love competitive activities, then you came to the right place! With its nice climate, you can expect modern facilities like an ice skating ring, three swimming pools, an athletics track, several sports fields and halls, a few facilities for water sports and even a ski slope.

The many green spaces dotted throughout Enschede offer the perfect conditions for a plethora of outdoor activities, such as running, hiking, cycling, mountain biking and golfing, to name a few.

Well-known sports events are also held in Enschede. Thousands of visitors and participants alike flock to the city for the Enschede Marathon and the Military Boekelo-Enschede Equestrian Competition. The local Football Club Twente is also a fantastic draw, actually winning the championship back in 2010.

Beer, Anyone?

When you mention Enschede anywhere in the Netherlands or other surrounding countries, most quickly recognize it as the home of the best Dutch beer, which is called Grolsch. You can take a tour of the factory, where you can not only watch the beer being made, but you can taste it, too!

A Shopper’s Mecca

In Enschede, you will come across a splendid array of shops and interesting boutiques. Most are nestled around the public square, called the Oude Markt (Old Market Square). You’ll also be sure to find several cafés, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Now, if you can hold off grocery shopping until Saturday, the open-air market will have fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cheese, fish, Dutch candy and aromatic flowers. Many German people cross the border for the spectacle, making the area quite crowded and full of international flair.

Accommodation for Everyone

When it comes time to look for housing in Enschede, you’re in luck. Searching for student accommodation, even though it can be in high demand, is softened by the fact that pricing is not as expensive, especially when compared with the larger cities in the western areas of the Netherlands.

However, as with any city, always begin looking at least two to three months before your move. You will also want to inquire about several different spaces, as that housing can go quickly, and you don’t want to depend on the approval of anyone listing.

But most importantly, if you are going to be living in the Netherlands for more than four months, you will need to apply for registration in the Municipal Personal record Database. Additionally, you should ensure that you have health care coverage. If you’re Swiss or a member of the European Union, you can apply for a European Health Insurance Card.

Enschede is a city that you will soon fall in love with, as a place to study, work and explore. In this friendly city, you’ll quickly find yourself dining or taking in museums with the locals, easily becoming a part of the multi-faceted culture. Take in every moment of your time in Enschede, and enjoy this rewarding time of your life!

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