Cost of living in Eindhoven

For an international student who will be living in student housing in Eindhoven, you can expect expenses to range between €900 and €1,100 per month. These expenses will generally include the rental payment, food, insurance, public transportation, clothing, books and other general costs. These costs may differ slightly, depending upon your location.

Here are a few examples:

  • Housing - €350 to €450
  • Food and drinks - €150
  • Other costs - €100

It’s also a good idea to have about €800 to €1,000 in additional funds for expenses like purchasing a bike, paying for books or buying lights or rugs to make your new place feel like home.

Housing costs

You can usually expect about a third of all of your expenses to go towards your student accommodation in Eindhoven. Renting a room in most places in the Netherlands will cost about €300 to €600 each month, making it a little more than the average internationally.

Food costs

If a student lives alone, food bills from supermarkets can range about €170 each month. Some of the cheapest, most popular supermarkets are Aldi, Lidl and Albert Heijn. This can vary depending on your food choices and the neighborhood or city that you live in. Grocery shopping in Eindhoven, however, is usually a bit cheaper than in Amsterdam or other larger cities.

If you want to dine out with friends, several budget-friendly restaurants offer specials from €10 to €15. Also always ask about student discounts!

Transportation costs

Transportation for students will typically cost about €35 each month. Of course, you can save by riding a bike, plus it’s the local thing to do! You can rent a bike for about €9 a day, or you can buy one second-hand and then sell it when it’s time to go back home.

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