Living in Delft: tips and advice

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Accommodation in Delft

A definitive guide to find accommodation, as told by locals

Last updated: September 2021

How to rent a place in Delft

Finding a room in Delft is challenging. TU Delft attracts thousands of students while the city can only hold part of them. As a solution, the University has some housing available that doesn’t cover the whole demand. For this reason, students must commute from close by cities such as The Hague or Schiedam. Some of them also book rooms in Rotterdam. But don’t lose your hope! Housing Anywhere is also present in Delft to make it easier for you to find accommodation in this magical place!

Hi everyone, my name is Alejandra and on this page, I will give you some insights into Delft. I have been living here for a couple of years and as a foreigner and a student. I may have had the same concerns you may be having right now. I know how challenging it could be renting a place in Delft or finding the best places to go. I will give you an inside of the life in Delft, the beautiful ceramic art and the best places to go.

Living in Delft and its neighbourhoods

Delft transportation

Delft transportation

Bike city and great connections

As is common in Dutch cities, cycling is one of the most popular ways of transportation in Delft. Most places will be within biking distance and it’s a great way to do some sightseeing while getting some exercise. But if you can’t seem to find your bike keys Delft is also accessible by train, tram and the bus. For this we recommend two things, one is getting a personal OV-Chipkaart. This card will give you access to the public transportation not only in Delft but in all of the Netherlands, you can either get a subscription or put some money on it when you are planning on using it. Next thing you should do is get the 9292 App. This app can help you plan your journey and will keep you updated about any possible delays. A must have when using public transportation!

Delft Blue Pottery

Delft Blue Pottery

The golden age art

Delft Blue Pottery is something you will definitely run into, it is also known as Delftware or Delft pottery. It is blue and white pottery made in and around the cit. This tin-glaze pottery was mainly produced from 1640 until 1740. During the Dutch golden age, there was a lively trade with the East. The Dutch East India company imported millions of pieces of Chinese porcelain, these items were quite expensive and only the rich could afford it. After the death of the Wanli emperor, the trade stopped and Dutch potters saw an opportunity to produce a cheap alternative. Delft Blue pottery items range from plates to cups to fancy artwork and are a truly iconic for the city.

Grocery shopping in Delft

Local market and other options

As a student groceries are an important part of life, you want to eat healthy and fresh but you don’t want to spend too much. Depending on your budget there are multiple grocery options in Delft. The Albert Heijn will probably have everything you are looking for but you will definitely feel it in your wallet. A great option that is a bit cheaper is the Lidl, it might not have as fancy items as the Albert Heijn but is a great place to do everyday shopping. For fruits and vegetables you should definitely check out the market on the weekends, it is a great place to buy them fresh and relatively cheap.

About Delft

All you need to know about this city

Delft is a Dutch city located in the province of South-Holland. It is well known for its historic town centre, the canals, Delft Blue pottery and the Delft University of Technology. The city has a rich history, in 1572 William of Orange, leader of the Dutch Revolt of Spanish resided in the city until he died in 1584. Nowadays Delft is a vibrant student city and counts over hundred thousand residents. The city offers plenty to do in term of shopping in the city centre, going out for a drink or checking out the historical buildings that can be found almost anywhere.

Oude Delft

The heart of the Royal City

Oude Delft is the traditional and historical city center. It is the main attraction for tourists and locals. There is a market here as well as the City Hall and main monuments where it is possible to find great cafés, restaurants and souvenir stores. This beautiful city is decorated by the Old Church, New Church, and several museums. With regards to accommodation, Oude Delft offers some limited options. Even if the prices are high, there are several fraternities in Oude Delft offering fair rates.

University area

International student area

TU Delft is one of the most well-known universities around the world. Almost all its faculties are gathered in the most modern part of the city. The university library in this area is recognised as an icon in Dutch architecture. It also holds the TU Delft Sports center and it's faculties, with some exceptions. This zone is connected to the rest of the city by bus, but everyone still travels by bike.

Hof Van Delft

Traditional dutch neighborhood

This neighbourhood is recognised as a residential one. Populated by Dutch families, it is composed of houses built around 1940. The atmosphere in Hof Van Delft is calm and connected to the nature thanks to the Wilhelmina park. This park is not far from Delft Station and offers jogging paths as well as nice lakes. This neighbourhood is 15 minutes by bike to the university area.

Delftse Hout

The green jewel of the city

Delftse Hout is a natural area for recreation in the city. It has over 400 hectares where the students and locals can go to enjoy the weekend, make a bbq, jog, have a picnic, or walk around. The Hout also holds a lake which is being taken care of to keep it clean and safe for people to swim. It is accessible by public transport, bike or walking. In a 30 minute walk from the train station or a 10 minute bike ride, you will be there ready to enjoy.