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A village flair in the midst of Berlin's grey concrete jungle? There’s one neighbourhood that strikes that balance with ease: Berlin Spandau! In the old town of Spandau, old timber-framed houses adorn the urban scenery and its parks tempt you to take a break.

Away from the trendy cafes and concept stores, a real gem hides from the tourist masses and residents of the hipster districts: Berlin Spandau! This Berlin neighbourhood has a lot to offer its newcomers.

Which parts really belong to Berlin Spandau?

Before you set foot in the streets of Berlin Spandau and let yourself drift into the village flair, it's good to know what's actually part of the neighbourhood.

Did you know that before becoming the 5th district of Berlin in 1920, Berlin Spandau was an independent municipality?

This means that in Berlin Spandau you have an almost independent urban infrastructure and in no time at all you can get not only to Kreuzberg & Co. but even to Prague or Budapest.

What's more, Berlin Spandau was the only district in Berlin that was divided by an East-West conflict. But enough history for today. Let's get back to the present: what's part of Berlin Spandau?

These 5 neighbourhoods belong to Berlin Spandau:

  • Altstadt Spandau
  • Neustadt Spandau
  • Stresow
  • Kolk Spandau
  • Klosterfelde

Economic hub on the outskirts of Berlin

It's no secret that in Berlin Mitte one coworking space sprouts from the ground next to another. Where an innovative Berlin start-ups come up with one brave business idea after another. After all, it's what makes it the heart of Berlin.

But on the brink of the creative scene and startup hubs is where Berlin's economic engine lies: Berlin Spandau. The district has a strongly developed industry with global companies like Siemens and BMW Motorrad based there. Each year an increasing number of small and medium businesses choose Berlin Spandau as their home because of the economic power concentrated there.

7 spots to discover in Berlin Spandau as a newcomer

Pastures and forests en masse. Away from the typical Berlin concrete blocks in Neukölln and pompous villas in neighbouring Charlottenburg, Berlin Spandau gives you a real village feeling away from the bustling metropolis. In no time at all you can escape the urban jungle and retreat to the forest or paddle a canoe through the streams of 'Little Venice'.

So, time to discover 7 places in Berlin Spandau that will soon make you look like a local! Ready?

1. Colourful vegetables in front of the city hall

During the week, fruit and flower vendors bustle at the farmer's market. Between the fresh vegetables and colourful flowers, you can let the baristas whip up a coffee for you or try a gourmet journey through the food trucks at the weekly market.

And because you need something sweet after the Berliner Buletten (meatballs), head across the street to Altstädter Ring.

In winter, the square in front of the town hall in Spandau buzzes with the lights of the Christmas market.

2. Spandau's most successful export product: Florida Eis

In a declaration of love for their city, Florida Eis ice cream is a must for true locals: it's a true Berlin classic!

Since 1927, Florida Eis has been available in all its colourful flavours. Entering the ice cream café, you're transported back in time to the 80s.

But what you wouldn't expect is that despite the vintage vibe, Florida Eis's ice cream is produced using solar energy and is CO2-neutral.

By the way, if you don't end up visiting Florida Eis you can find the ice cream in countless Berlin supermarkets and order it all over Germany.

Why don't you get your ice cream to go while and have a little stroll through the old town? Go up Carl-Schurz-Straße, past the water on your left and walk until you see Galeria Kaufhaus on your right. Turn right into Charlottenstraße and you're at old town of Spandau.

3. Historical flair in the old town of Spandau

In the middle of the old town, you can quickly forget that you are in Germany's largest city. The alleys and half-timbered houses in the old town are reminiscent of small-town charm.

Stroll through the side streets and let yourself be enchanted by the historic buildings, the Gothic House or the St. Nikolai Church, the old houses with colourful facades.

4. Castle Festivals in the Spandau Citadel

Let's go back in time to the High Renaissance. Hidden behind the trees and surrounded by the river Havel, you'll find one of the best-preserved fortresses in all of Europe: the Spandau Citadel.

In the summer there're always big castle festivals here, and if you're lucky you can see one of the many exhibitions there today! It's best to check online beforehand to see if there's an exhibition on the citadel's programme.

Had enough of castles and knights? You've earned yourself a beer!

Even though the next stop is right next to the Spandau Citadel, you first have to cross the drawbridge back onto Am Juliusturm and turn right into the small street Neuendorfer Straße. Past The Black Pearl and over a bridge is Brauhaus Spandau opposite the car park.

5. Craft Beer at Brauhaus Spandau

Without a lot of frills and even before the Craft Beer Era, Spandauer Brauhaus has been serving Craft Beer since 1994. With hearty home cooking and one of the 13 in-house beers, you can enjoy a delicious meal at a reasonable price with a view of the Havel.

If you want to delve even deeper into the art of brewing, you can join one of the brewery tours (including a tasting!).

A smooth transition from wheat in beer form to wheat in bread can be found at Getreibestübchen not far from the brewery at the roundabout down Neuendorfer Straße.

6. Fresh baked goods at the Back- und Getreidestübchen

Time has stood still a little at the Back- und Getreidestübchen. The rolls and breads are still made by hand here, - a true paradise for bread lovers!

At the Back- und Getreidestübchen you can either enjoy freshly baked goods in the in-house café or stock up on flour, cereals or even ready-made baking mixes for your home bread bakery.

With flour and a bag of baked goods under your arm, you're off to an island surrounded by the Havel. If a 24-minute walk is too long for you, you can also take the M36 and ride around the lake.

7. Dinner with a view of the water

It doesn't get much more idyllic than the island of Eiswerder. Surrounded by the Havel, you'll find the old half-timbered house with the Stilbruch restaurant. Let's face it, the restaurant isn't a bargain, yet the charming atmosphere and view of the water give you an idyllic view that you won't find anywhere else in Berlin. The menu's upmarket and traditional, with lamb shank or cod fillet, and there's also a delicious selection of Berlin wines!

So here's to you and your new home in Berlin Spandau!

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