Universities in Barcelona

There're plenty of reasons to study in Barcelona. Once you've made up your mind to study in this city, explore the different universities that you can attend.

University of Barcelona (UB)

Boasting over 90,000 students across its 18 faculties, the University of Barcelona is frankly enormous! It’s also very old and steeped in history, being founded nearly 600 years ago in 1450 - some of the buildings still maintain the same decor and look that they did all those centuries ago. It’s a gorgeous university,

Situated just a kilometer from the Plaça de Catalunya, it’s smack bang in the middle of the city and couldn’t be more conveniently located.

Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC)

For all major science and technology subjects, the Polytechnic University of Barcelona will be your new home. A little further away than University of Barcelona, it’s located at Les Corts, which is still super accessible by public transport.

Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ESCI

If you’re a social arts or economics student, then this is the university for you. Pompeu Fabra University is right by the beach (convenient, until exams…), and places a huge amount of emphasis on international students and exchange programs. Around 35% of their students go abroad every year, with a similar number filling the empty seats. Really cool university, great location.

Formed by in 1993 by Pompeu Fabra University, along with the Catalan Government, ESCI-UPF is a public institute of higher learning that offers courses and training to its business students. However, in 2016, the school also began to offer courses in the field of bioinformatics.

Open University of Catalonia

Based in Barcelona, the Open University of Catalonia is an internet-centered institution offering both graduate and postgraduate programs. A big draw for international students, the university offers courses taught in English, Spanish and Catalan in popular fields like Sciences of Education, Computer Science, Psychology and Information and Knowledge Society and Economics. There is also a Doctoral Program that is offered in the field of Information and Knowledge Society, which works in areas like e-learning, e-law, education, network society and online communities. It also offers centers of support in Mexico, Spain, Andorra and Sardinia, a city of Alghero with residents who primarily speak Catalan.

Escola Superior d'Administració i Direcció d'Empreses (ESADE)

This world-beating university is split into two distinct faculties: law and business. The law school is located in the city centre and is hailed as one of the most innovative and brilliant faculties of law in the entire world. The business school is based just outside the city in Sant Cugat, which can be easily accessed by car or public transport.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

Offering virtually every Bachelor’s degree program you can imagine (and about as many at Master’s or PhD level), there’s something for everyone at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It has a massive campus just outside the city, and is packed with students from all corners of the world. You can reach the UAB campus pretty easily from town, though many students choose to live quite close by.

Located outside the city, UAB is the biggest student campus near Barcelona. It’s the best university to live the true "campus lifestyle", with loads of students from different fields and tonnes of activities going on.

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Every university boasts a number of different student associations, which makes it really easy to make new friends and carry on old habits in Barcelona. Visit the website of your soon-to-be university and find out all about the different sports, activities and groups you can join

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